Kid Tested

Indoor fun – maybe, maybe not?

January 28, 2013

I spend a portion each night after the kids are in bed browsing the internet with the intention of finding an activity to do with my boys the following day. Several thoughts run through my head such as I read countless mom blogs with pictures of children happily (and neatly) participating in each activity. Do these moms have a spare room in their houses that have waterproof furniture and/or tarps hanging ceiling to floor? I have enough trouble trying to keep the water in my bathtub when bathing the kids let alone attempting an activity as such:

Toy Car Wash with Soap Bubbles

In theory my kids would love this, but is it just me or would your kids overturn this “carwash” in a matter of seconds? I want to know how these things really went down and how long the children were actually engaged. And my final thought….what is so wrong with just letting kids play on their own? My 3 year old is a master at keeping himself entertained and sometimes when I force an activity, it goes awry. Maybe we are trying too hard? Maybe we should just let kids be kids and let them create, imagine and construct their own activities. Ok so I admit I am a little nervous, knowing the nature of my wrecking-ball sons, that activities including water, paint or other “ingredients” would potentially ruin our new house. Maybe I should just get over it and let them have at it and deal with the mess…. maybe I will try this carwash when they wake up from their nap… or, maybe, just maybe I should wait until we can try this outside this summer!?

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