Kid Tested


January 29, 2013

I tried it. They loved it. They asked to do “that fun activity with the water” again today. So we did…. and I almost cut an entire onion (without a child pulling on my legs) before having to intervene with splash control. So here is the reality of how it really went down: I laid down lots of towels, put warm, bubbly water in a casserole dish with the matchbox cars, gave strict instructions that the water must stay in the pan or else it will get taken away, then I let them dig in. It was practically silent for the first 5 minutes. I sat and watched in amazement crediting their calm nature to my idea of using warm water. After 10 minutes, sleeves were wet, after 15 minutes shirts were off, and after about 20 minutes it looked like this:


Just as I predicted.

Alas, they had fun, clean up was a cinch, and I enjoyed a few minutes of peace and quiet. I have an idea for tomorrow that involves (wait for it….) paint! Luckily our painters left a drop cloth here last week and you can bet I will be using that.

  • tina448
    January 30, 2013 at 9:21 pm

    I say that was a successful activity…20 minutes is a long time for two little boys ages 3 and 1.5.

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