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Friday’s Fave 5… and One Flop

February 22, 2013


1. Favorite Lemonade-out-of-Lemons Moment:

A few weeks ago I mentioned here that my son went into the pantry and dumped a box of pasta all over the carpet and then jumped on it. For some reason I saved the pasta figuring I could do something crafty with it later. Internet to the rescue! Cooked up those noodles, added some food coloring and a little canola oil and there you have it : Sensory Spaghetti… Oh, and I highly recommend this activity to people who have dogs willing to clean the floor.


photo 3

Note: The children involved in this activity did not ingest the materials. Only a lick or two.

2. Favorite Toy of the Moment:

Cookie, Strawberry, Chicken Smoothie anyone? My boys have been loving this “like the real thing” blender  (from Pottery Barn Kids) they got as a Valentine’s Day gift from their grandmother. Everyday they whip up some fabulously creative concoctions. This is definitely our favorite toy of the moment. We even put our Power Ranger action figures inside and watch them swirl…

photo 1

3. Favorite “Omigosh I need a side dish quick” Remedy:

If you’re like me and typically only have main dishes on your mind when grocery shopping, I highly recommend stocking your freezer with this Trader Joe’s Vegetable Fried Rice. Kids love it. Husband loves it. Okay, I love it too. Goes great with chicken or sausage and takes 3 minutes to make on the skillet. Definitely not on par with the homemade, gourmet deliciousness that goes on in my sister’s house (who has 4 kids under the age of 6), but, hey, we all have our strengths…

4. Favorite Maternity Must

These Old Navy skinny jeans are by far my favorite piece of maternity clothing…. why?

1. They are super comfortable.

2. Boot and ballet-flat friendly for pregnancies of all seasons.

3. Cheap.

4. They are NOT yoga pants!

You need these pants if you are pregnant. End of conversation.

5. Favorite Line Straight out of the Kid’s Mouth:

“Here’s the deal, mom. That baby in your belly will take care of you and Daddy is gonna sleep with me tonight.”

No words!

…. and my major FLOP!! 


A friend  of mine made this Gak for her son and said he was occupied with it for over an hour! Of course I had to give it a try. Hauled the kids to the grocery store, found the Borax (how kind of  the website linked above to provide the aisle this stuff can be found in) and some Elmer’s glue (the two main ingredients besides water) and tried to whip up a batch. Apparently not as easy as it seemed. Mine was more like a glob. Instead of stretching, it just ripped. How did I mess this up? HELP!

photo 2

  • casey leigh
    February 22, 2013 at 10:21 pm

    Love J’s quote!!!!!! LOL!

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