Friday’s Faves on a Sunday

March 10, 2013


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Lemon Water:

First let me start by saying that I am so SICK of drinking water! I have T minus 4ish weeks of being pregnant left and I am at my wits end with the lack of beverage variety that has been going on in my life these past nine months. Ok, you got me, I really just want a glass of wine (or 2 or more)… but for now I am just trying to spice up the choices that I have to work with. First I started with adding bubbles to my water, which I like, but I can’t drink it very fast. So I tried out a sliver of lemon in ice water, which turned into half a lemon, which turned into me squeezing every last morsel of pulp and juice inside the entire lemon into my water bottle before heading out for the day. I am totally addicted! I have this Full Cirlce Wherever Water Bottle with a built in lemon squeezer thingy and it came with a pamphlet describing the benefits of lemon water including things like healthy, glowing skin, detoxifying, breath freshening, cold/infection fighting… sold me!  Oh, and one more perk…. my kids don’t like it which means they no longer ask for sips out of my water bottle, which means no more floating pieces of backwashed goldfish floating in my drinks… love my kids, but that is just not cool.


Grocery Delivery Service:

I got a flyer in the mail this week that Fresh Direct is now serving my area. The timing of this could not be better! After my nightmare trip to Whole Foods on Friday – picture very pregnant lady waddling down aisle while trying to push cart and hold screaming toddler with a lollipop in one hand and muffin (that I planned on paying for later) in the other… yes, I have turned into THAT girl… anyway, that 10 minute shopping excursion totally set me over the edge. I peeled out of the parking lot, trying to shake the comment I received in the checkout line that, “Oh, you certainly have your hands full”,  and all I could think was that Fresh Direct was about to get a new client as soon as I got home and had a chance to logon to my computer. On Saturday morning I took 25 minutes to checkout the website and make my selections, entered the promo code they are offering for $50 off your first two orders plus free, unlimited delivery for two months, and my boxes arrived this morning…. very, very early, but my fault for scheduling a 6-8am delivery slot on the day we lose an hour of sleep. But, hey, since I don’t have to do my grocery shopping today with the rest of the world, I am able to sit here with my feet up and type this while my kids take their nap. This is earth shattering. Try it. You will love it.

57 and Sunny:

No stuffing kids in puffy coats, no trying to get miniature fingers into miniature gloves, no sitting online trying to figure out what the heck is going on in our city this weekend to keep us from going completely stir crazy, no destroying the house with art projects, no trying to run the kids around the basement so they could burn off some steam and actually be tired enough to need a nap… NONE OF THAT! We played outside all weekend and it was lovely. Bikes, sports, playground, tag, loooong naps, dinner in the backyard, roasted marshmallows in the fire pit… and repeat on Sunday! 57 degrees never felt so good before. A margarita would have been nice… I think I could taste one as I closed my eyes and let the sun hit my face for the first time in months, but whatever, I am certainly not complaining! This weekend was wonderful.


  • Natalie
    March 10, 2013 at 7:06 pm

    I am drinking lemon water every day now too and I love it! I feel like I’m drinking watered down lemonade at this point. Hang in there, you know the water is so good for you right now and a teacher who I used to work with always told me it helps avoid hemroids – fun!!! 🙂 Drink up!

  • casey leigh
    March 10, 2013 at 8:52 pm

    agreed! fabulous weekend! can’t wait to order my groceries from fresh direct and get lots of lemons for my lemon water… not prego but i’m not much of a day drinker 😉 LOL!

  • Dutchy
    March 10, 2013 at 10:02 pm

    you will definitely save $ and stress with fresh direct..gave u got outside now i dont feel as guilty!! xo

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