Big Girls Don’t Cry…. (but apparently little boys do!)

June 6, 2013

Here’s the thing about kids: When something is wrong, they cry. Not the most pleasant sound in the world (in fact, it’s my husband’s least favorite sound in the world), but when they are hurt or sad or tired or confused or stressed out they cry because they need help…. like a built in fire alarm that sounds when they need to be rescued. With my 2 and 4 year old, the alarm sounds, and they can show me or tell me the cause of the tears – from blood to blue sippy cups (when he wanted the green one) the alarm sounds multiple times per day. I can’t help but laugh at this blog dedicated to reasons kids cry because I’ve been there. My kids have cried for all of those reasons and more and I get it. Crying comes with the territory and sometimes it drives me insane and sometimes it gives me just another reason to snuggle my kids to pieces and revel in the fact that they still need me and they are counting on me to make it better.

Then there is the baby. The 8 week old butter ball that has rolls upon rolls of baby fat pumped with more breast milk than I ever knew I had in me because he cries… a lot… and the only thing that makes him stop crying is my boob. So I let him have it and enjoy the silence until I’m drained…… get in a good burp and a snuggle, but as soon as I put him in his bouncy seat or his play mat he cries… cries… cries……………


Even though it drives me nuts when my older kids cry over things such as not letting them have oreos before dinner or telling them it’s time to brush their teeth, at least I KNOW why they are crying and I can fix it. I don’t know why my baby cries and I feel helpless… he is fed, well rested, very regular, and very, very, very loved. He should be happy, right? All the books say you will start to be able to decode your baby’s cries like a little language. There will be a cry for when he is hungry, and a different one when he is tired, and a different one for when he has to poop. You’d think after 3 kids I’d have a well trained ear, but nope. These cries all sound the same. But right now, at this very moment, there is silence. He is sleeping.


And looking at his little face fills my heart and somehow gives me the strength to deal with a lifetime of crying. And I know this phase will pass…How do I know you ask? The people at the supermarket tell me so. Bring your kids to the supermarket, wait in line, wait for them all to start crying at once, and everyone will tell you, “Oh, enjoy it! Believe me, they will grow up so fast!”

  • diansoekanto
    June 6, 2013 at 8:38 am

    I found this hilarious! Your wit combined with your overwhelmingly tough style set me laughing each new paragraph I read. My brother, who has severe special needs, doesn’t cry until he’s in some very dire situation, so we have to monitor him for other alarms. So, whenever he goes, “Waaaaaah!’ we come running 🙂 Thank you for writing this piece – it made me feel less alone as a special needs sister.

  • Casey Leigh
    June 6, 2013 at 8:57 am

    Need a break from the crying? I will take him for a few hours and you can watch my terrible almost 2 year old! Just say the word, I’m ready when you are!!! Xoxox!

  • mom
    June 6, 2013 at 4:47 pm

    Give me crying over Oreos and sippy cups anyday…..I am glad you have the strength
    and an amazing amount of love and patience! xo

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