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Your so vein.

July 9, 2013

I decided that after having 3 kids within 4 years it was time to treat myself.

So, I did.

I got some “work” done.

On my veins, that is…. I know, I’m sorry- a boob job, a tummy tuck or even botox is probably much more exciting to read about, but I feel I must bore you all with the low down on my vein procedure in case there is someone else out there who is walking around with throbbing varicose veins and wants to do something about it.

Remember when I was pregnant and was whining about all the aches and pains? Most of my complaints were due to my varicose veins. I would never wish them on anyone. They suck! First, they are U.G.L.Y.  You know it’s bad when you go to get a pedicure and the nail technician winces when she see your legs… Haven’t these people seen the grossest of the gross when it comes to feet and legs?……… OMG!!! I am totally the person they are talking about in another language to the technician sitting next to them. Probably saying that they wouldn’t want to touch these legs with a 10 foot pole! But I don’t even care about the ugliness of them; it’s the throbbing and the pain is almost unbearable. After 3 pregnancies my veins continued to worsen. It was time to get rid of them.

From stripping veins surgically, to injections, there are several treatments for varicose veins. I went with a procedure called “VNUS Closure – Radio Frequency Ablation”. Basically, the vein that is feeding the varicose vein gets shut down using heat from radio frequency.  Based on an ultrasound, the doc determined that I had two veins that were “diseased” and not functioning properly and, thus, causing varicose veins in my legs. By shutting these veins down, the blood is rerouted to healthier veins and the veins that were closed off are simply reabsorbed into the body.

Enough medical jargon. If you want the real explanation of the procedure click here.

Let’s cut to the chase. Did it hurt?


I mean, I did just give birth so compared to that anything else is a cake walk, but this procedure was a couple needle sticks for numbing and no sweat at all. The prep and the administering of local anesthesia is the only slightly uncomfortable part, but the actual procedure takes literally 43 seconds and done! The only pain in the butt is that you have to wear compression stockings for 5 days after and no “blood pumping activities” for 5 days… like I need another excuse to not work out.

Here is the before/after shot. Now mind you, as soon as I had my last baby my veins deflated a bit. This “before” is not nearly bad as they looked when I was pregnant. Sadly, I have no picture. Probably for the best. My right leg was the only leg I had treated.


Haha… obviously I’ve been in the sun a bit since I had the procedure. I promise I put more sunscreen on my kids than I do myself, but I digress… Since the big closure the “bulgy-ness”” definitely went away even though some of the veins are still visible. However, my veins have always been visible through my skin, but didn’t start popping out until I had kids. Most importantly, the pain is 100% gone.

The top three best things about this procedure:

1. It was covered by insurance

1. It didn’t hurt

1. No recovery

These things are all number 1 reasons in my opinion.

My legs are not picture perfect, I still have some lingering spider veins etc…but let’s be honest, no one is looking at my legs. I have 3 adorable distractions.

  • casey leigh
    July 10, 2013 at 7:27 pm

    your leg almost looks as fabulous as your marble floors! 🙂

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