May 8, 2014

By now I’m sure you have all heard about the situation in Nigeria. I’ll admit it – I don’t watch the news. In these childrearing years I live in a bubble and if the tv is on it is Dora or Paw Patrol. My blogger friend, Sarah from Finnegan and the Hughes, posted this article and asked for help. I read it and I felt sick. And while I try to keep my posts fun and light, when I am struck by something so devastating, I can’t help but to use this platform to spread word about serious matters. I’m convinced I have the best, most loyal readers. You all did wonders for the #savejosh campaign and I have no doubt that you all will read this story and do something to take action. I have 4 sisters. I have a pit in my stomach thinking about these girls. What if these girls were my sisters? What if these girls were my nieces?? Why isn’t more being done to bring them back???

Here is what we know:

Just over two weeks ago, an estimated 234 girls between 16 and 18 years old were taken from a school in northeastern Nigeria by a group of Islamic militants called Boko Haram. That’s what we know for sure.

The girls are believed to have been taken into Sambisa forest. The forest, reportedly quite thick and swampy and containing a sizable wildlife population ranging from monkeys to elephants, is a Boko Haram stronghold. Escapees report that once there the girls were asked to cook for the insurgents. Bystanders in the general area say that the girls have now been split up and subjected to mass wedding ceremonies. Some say they have been taken out of Nigeria. Some also say the girls are now “sex slaves,” though that worry has been around from the time the girls disappeared, of course. The oft-reported rumor is they’re being auctioned off for the equivalent of $12 USD. No one has yet verified these reports with any degree of certainty.  Source

Nigeria has offered  $300,000.00 REWARD FOR INFORMATION Source Reuters

Here’s how YOU can help:

1. Sign the Petition

2. Use social media to spread the word about the situation in Nigeria. Put massive pressure on the government, security forces, and the neighboring governments to spur them to action. Use the hashtag, #BRINGBACKOURGIRLS. Change your profile picture to Bring Back Our Girls. You can use this image here:


3. Get More Information. Read more by World Moms Blog contributor Jennifer Prestholdt in The Advocates for Human Rights post, “Nightmare for Nigeria’s School Girls”.

4. Show we are united and take it to social media! Take a photo with the #BRINGBACKOUTGIRLS hashtag and show you support our girls!!!!! Sign prompts “What if it was your daughter”, “Where are our girls, we want them back!”

5. Like Bring Our Girls Back on Facebook

Do what you can to help #BRINGBACKOURGIRLS

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