New Mom and Baby Essentials

July 11, 2014

Apparently once you have a baby you become deemed an “expert” in the baby/mommy world. Pregnant moms-to-be (and their friends who want to buy them a nice gift) come flocking to ask “the” question. The  single, very important question: “Help! What do I need to survive”. Well the short answer is is simple. You need to relax because you really don’t need anything. Babies in third world countries survive without swings with bells and lights that vibrate and do figure 8’s to lull them to sleep.. and please don’t get me started on the wipe warmers. There are, however, a few things that I deem “essential”…. things that make your life and your baby’s life a little easier and a little safer. So here is the official Sisters to Sons Guide: New Mom and Baby Essentials.

new mom and baby essentials

1. Beauty Counter When you get pregnant you are suddenly going to start freaking out about things like chemicals, toxins and parabens. There was a time in your life that Pop Tarts, diet Coke, tanning beds, and Stridex pads were  all fun and good. Once you start growing that baby inside of you, the mom radar kicks in and the label reading begins. It can be exhausting reading all those labels. Parabens and phlyates and aluminion oh my! Newsflash! There are only 11 banned ingredients for skincare products in the US! The EU has 1,300 ingredients banned. Beauty Counter, has the US and EU chemicals banned plus everything on this “NEVER LIST” plus over 100 on their “prohibited list” making their products free of over 1,500 chemicals. Ahhhhhh. Do it with me now. Big sigh… Ahhhhhhhhh. Doesn’t that feel good? Finally, a company that has done its homework and has screened each and every ingredient for skin irritaion, carcinogenicity, reproductive toxicity, cumulative exposure and more. And what’s even more impressive, is that these products are extremely high quality and effective even without all that scary stuff in them. Here are a few products that my kids and I have been using and loving!


Bath Collection – A little goes a long way, rinses easily and smells delish.

Vibrant Eye Perfector – Puffy eyes comes with the parenting territory. I love this under eye cream that battles the puff, hydrates, and is safe to use when pregnant and nursing.

* Beauty Counter is not sold in stores – only online. If you are curious about this line and want to test some products by hosting a party with some friends email Lindsay at [email protected] and she is ready to answer all of your questions. Oh, and go over and check out her blog while you’re at it – The Naughty Mommy – she is hilariously funny and always has the lowdown on all those reality tv shows you love to hate.

2. The Original Belly Bandit  – We all know that you don’t go home from the hospital in your pre-pregnancy jeans. The belly bandit is not an attempt to make that happen, but an attempt to help a mother out.

I wore this after each baby was born and I truly think it helps your insides find their home again. (Note: I’m pretty sure that model didn’t just have baby. Oh, and the pose helps too….apparently??) Anywway, it feels great to have everything pulled in, especially when your stomach muslces are totally shot.

3. aden + anais Classic Muslin Swaddle Blanket  – These are hands-down the best baby blankets out there. This is my go-to baby shower gift and the first item that my sisters want to have back when they are having a baby – you know, because we share everything. Proud to say this set of blankets has made it through 8 grandkids and still going strong.

They are big yet lightweight so they are perfect for swaddling, for warmth, and I am also known to tuck the corner of these blankets under my bra strap and use it as a nursing cover?? Heck, it’s better than the frisbee I used here.

4. Some Light Reading: What to Expect the First YearEat, Sleep, Poop: A Common Sense Guide to Your Baby’s First Year, and The Baby Whisperer


Now that you are done reading about being pregnant and obsessing over  every ache and pain and then googling it to see if it was a labor pain… (you know you did it too)….it’s time to focus on reading about the actual baby.  The first year is tough. You will become borderline psychotic about everything your baby does or does not do. Reading about babies helps. Especially reading about how to get them to go to sleep. You will spend half your day trying to get your baby to go to sleep and the other half reading about how to get your baby to go to sleep. These books helped me. I mean, I finally got my kids to sleep… eventually. Well….except for the 5 year old siting next to me at 10pm as I write this……but once they are past 12 months, it’s daddy’s problem 🙂

5. A Big Ass Water Bottle – Ok so this one might not be as big as they come, but it only requires a one-hand operation. Why is this important? Because when you are nursing or feeding the baby and suddenly become insanely thirsty (because, trust me, you will) you are only going to have one hand accessible.

Now, if only the makers of the Boppy Pillow would ever get their acts together and make a Boppy with cupholders, they’d be even richer! (Now no one go stealing my idea!)

6. Born Free Nighty Night Nursing Light Ok now this, I admit, I never had, but NEEDED! Those middle of the night feedings are wonderful brutal and shedding a little light on the situation would be nice.

Not only is this little dohickey (sp?) a nightlight, but it clips to the mom’s clothing so she can see what the heck she is doing while the dad happily cheers her on snores his head off, and… AND it has a vibrating alarm that times the feedings and/or wakes the mom up if she happened to fall asleep. Yeah, where was this invention when I had my last baby?

So there you have it. The Official Sisters to Sons Guide: New Mom and Baby Essentials. What is on your list?

  • Lindsay
    July 11, 2014 at 8:18 am

    I’m a fan of everything on this list, although I hadn’t heard of that nite-lite and the Baby Whisperer book. I must check it out for next time!

  • Reesa Lewandowski
    July 11, 2014 at 8:40 am

    I’ve never heard of beauty counter, but they sound great!

  • Caitlin
    July 11, 2014 at 3:08 pm

    big ass water bottle haha! totally agree. I need to check out the beauty counter line!

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