While You Were Working…

August 5, 2014

while you were working

While you were working, I tried to make some dinner,

But with the baby on my leg, it wasn’t such winner.

One bite here, two bites there, food on the ground, everywhere…

Why do I even bother cooking, I swear….

Time to clean up, but the kids want to play,

Please come home soon. I check the clock, and pray.

While you were working, I saw other daddies pulling in,

Kids cheered with excitement and her face turned to a grin.

Jealousy, envy, a pit in my belly,

When is the last time I showered, is it me who’s that smelly?


I can do this. Three more hours until bed.

I enjoy them, I do. But the nighttime…. I dread.

We are tired, we are cranky, I could use some assistance,

But you are working, I know that. This is our existance.

While you were working, our oldest punched the middle, then the baby spilled his drink,

And I got mad at YOU. “Why aren’t you home???” is all that I could think.

This schedule isn’t normal, are you saving someone’s life?

Please come home, we need you…. your children AND your wife.

But years and years of being mad have fizzled into stone.

You’d rather be with us, all along I should have known.

Your working hard for us and it’s really plain to see,

That it’s the way of  today’s world … just deal…’Cest la vie.

But it doesn’t make it easy, and I long for just one night,

Of your 5pm arrival, even 6 would be alright.

But I’ll just keep on dreaming, because this will never be,

My husband’s always working, my nighttime absentee.

While you were working, I geared up for their bath,

T minus 2 hours til your home, but someone should check my math…

My brain is fried, my patience low,

Can’t wait to watch some mindless show.

My bedtime story was definitely sub par,

Oh wait, is that you? Did I just hear your car?

False alarm, sorry kids. It’s time for nighty-night.

I tucked them in, kissed them extra and prayed they wouldn’t fight.

Not asking for some pity or for another situation,

 While you were working, I was working… we both need vacation!

But we’ll always have our weekends and we’ll take what we can get,

No time for life-reflections, doubts and regret.

Because while you were working, I was grateful for your job,

And if you came home anyway, you’d see I’m one big slob.

Deep breath on the couch……we can do this, we will make it,

But if, by chance, you could come home sooner, oh trust me, I would take it.


  • Gina B
    August 6, 2014 at 10:34 am

    Brings back memories of when Chris had that late job with the long long commute. We always put together where/when he’ll work. I’m blessed that family is a priority for my husband. He just left a job with travel for one with less pay but more work at home days and no travel, but it was a difficult decision.

  • Caitlin
    August 6, 2014 at 10:50 am

    so funny and sweet! Even when daddy works from home and is right upstairs, it’s so hard having him “away” at work.

  • Stephanie
    August 6, 2014 at 11:17 am

    It is so hard! I do have to remind myself that he would rather be with us than at work, but in the thick of it it’s hard to see!

  • Julia
    August 6, 2014 at 7:34 pm

    Oh how I relate to this! My hubs works late almost everyday 6 days a week. And I’ve reached the point where I can’t get mad but god would I love for him to be home.

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