Salute Your Socks with Sandals

September 11, 2014

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Would you ever consider wearing socks with sandals this fall?

I’ll give you a minute to decompress.

I know right now you’re all, “What!! Fashion is so stupid, why would I ever wear socks with sandals? That’s so asinine. Socks with sandals have been the trademark of dorky dads for years!”

Or maybe you weren’t quite that dramatic and your reaction was more along the lines of, “This girl is crazy, I’m done reading.”

To which I say, “NO! Don’t punish Lindsey just because I want to push my heinous fashion views on you, it’s not her fault!”

Take a deep breath, relax your forehead before you develop worry lines and let me provide you with just one more possible incentive for finally safety pinning your socks together before washing them as to avoid mix matched feet (I hope your mother in law told you that trick, too). My infatuation with this trend is two part.

Part I: Free People’s fall look book. See these: 

free people birkenstocks and socks

Photo Credit: Free People

free people shoes

Photo Credit: Free People

I know you probably think the Birkenstock and sock look is super 90s, and it may be, but I’m okay letting that slip through the cracks of present time because frankly, I don’t hate it. You’re right, you’re right, some of these looks are a tad too grungy for most and perhaps not symbolic of the hefty price tag, but you don’t have to replicate the wanderlust look verbatim. One of the best parts about fall look books is collecting little pieces of love and hate and meshing them for inspiration to reimagine a new look in your own style.

While I’m a little less likely to pair my Birkenstocks with gym socks, I would totally be up for sliding a pair of neutral patterned cotton numbers like these:

free people socks

Photo Credit: Free People

And wearing them under these open toed clogs:

free people clogs

Photo Credit: Free People

Throw on a basic button down (this will do):

j.crew button down

Photo Credit: J.Crew

And your favorite pair of cropped boyfriend jeans (maybe these, remember they have to cuff so you can show off your socks, that’s kind of the point):

madewell jeans

Photo Credit: Madewell

…and a fancy little clutch number:

anthropologie clutch

Photo Credit: Anthropologie


And I promise no one else will doppelganger your night on the town (unless maybe you live in New York, that’s too vast and unpredictable a city for me too really assure you of anything). Regardless, you’ll rack up compliments (I know you will) and second glances (the good kind) and people will be totally mystified how that chic (you) just made socks and sandals look so cool. So take that and add it to your portfolio of amazingness.

fall fashion

Part II (I know you’re not sold yet):
First you must know that I am an owner of these lovely heels (photos stolen from my Instagram).

zara shoes

They reign from Zara circa 2012 and while they don’t get a lot of street play, the times they do hit the pavement are certainly not underwhelming. So much so that the fashion editor from the Inquirer commented on my Instagram photo above with “#ShoeGameIsReal.” I mean, I don’t mean to brag but that little notification stopped me and my Old Navy flip flops right in our tracks. #QualityOverQuantity.

Anywho, I was walking to a lovely Mexican restaurant one Saturday while visiting the aforementioned unpredictable land that is New York, when I did a double take of this model-esk woman (aka, seven feet of porcelain skin and bones) and her amazing booties. The closer I got the more apparent it became that she wasn’t wearing booties at all… she was wearing my black and white stitch Zara heels (not my actual heels but ya know, same thing).

She had a pair of black dress socks on under the heels that hit just above her ankle and paired the look with a black knee-length skirt. It was transformative perfection. She found a way to make an open toe shoe work throughout the whole year and kept her look functional and fashionable at the same time. I guess that’s what you have to do when your closet is probably the size of my plate cupboard. Maybe that’s why New Yorkers are so stylish? Another thought for another day.

Look, I know it’s risky and it’s not for everyone, I’m just saying don’t be afraid to live a little this fall.


And if I can leave you with one last parting thought in support of sock sandals, at the end of the day I’ve come to learn a lot of the things that make my dad “dorky” are actually the things that make him the coolest.

A few good images from The Satorialist .

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  • amanda
    September 11, 2014 at 10:03 pm

    I just can’t. BUT I’m not fashion forward. I can totally appreciate those that can pull it off well.

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