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20 Activities to Keep your Toddler Busy

November 16, 2014

busy toddler activities

This post is 99% self serving. If you read my blog you know that I am struggling with a one year old who is into everything. No really, he is part monkey. And to top it off, there is not one single toy in my house that he will play with. Instead, he wants to play with everything that he shouldn’t – including but not limited to my coffee machine, the spice rack, cords, and chemicals under the sink. Out of desperation, I need to find something that would keep him busy in a more, umm, shall we say, appropriate way. After a desperate plea on Facebook, many readers came to my rescue and gave me simple solutions: empty OJ container and clothes pins, empty a kitchen cabinet and fill it with things just for him, containers to fill and dump. Based on your suggestions here are somethings I came up with:

busy activities for toddlers

I bought these Melissa & Doug Spill Proof Paint Cups because they have a lid with a small opening. Perfect for pushing little objects through. And they dump and they sort and they repeat. And that’s pretty much it. Mind-blowingly entertaining. When they get tired of it, switch up the materials for an entirely new experience – beans, buttons, macaroni, pennies, Q tips, cotton pads, make up sponges… whatever!

busy activities for toddlers

And I know you’ve all pinned a million wine cork projects but have yet to actually complete one – it’s okay, it’s how I justify drinking the stuff too – because someday, someday, I’m gonna make this. But in the mean time, corks are wildly fascinating to toddlers. Tweaked from a reader suggestion, I filled this empty sugar container with a bunch of wine corks and popsicle sticks and voila – just like that I could chop an onion, wash my hands and dab my watery eyes without a human hanging on my foot.

busy activities for toddlers

And because we need to be ready for when our toddlers get bored and are onto the next thing, here are 18 other activities to keep your toddler busy (thank you Pinterest).

3. Shaving Cream Sensory Activity

4. Pom Pom Drop and Shoot

busy activities for toddlers

Photo Credit: The Imagination Tree

5. Pipe Cleaners and Colander

6. Egg Carton and Qtips


Photo Credit: Lemon Lime Adventures

7. Mama May i Hand Made toys – Toddler collection

8. Clothes Pin Drop


Photo Credit: Dirt and Boogers

9. Muffin Tin Sorting

10. DIY Toddler Busy Board

busy activities for toddlers

Photo Credit

12. Experimenting with Magnets

13. Musical Pots

14. Bowling with old containers

15. Sensory Bin

16. Fine Motor Play with Lids

17. Fabric Scraps Activity

busy activities for toddlers

Photo Credit: Hands on As We Grow

18. Bouncy Balls in Muffin Tins

19. Painting with Water

busy activities for toddlers

Photo Credit: Wild Flower Ramblings

20. Busy Bags

And, this post written by Jessica at Mommy University, perfectly sums up the importance of independent play. So you can leave your guilt at the doorstep and hopefully, enjoy a few moments to yourself.

Want more activities to keep your toddler busy? Follow my Toddler Activities Pinterest Board:

Follow Sisters to Sons’s board Toddler Activities on Pinterest.

Have an activity that your toddler loves? Leave a comment, I’m dying to hear…..

  • Lindsay
    November 19, 2014 at 10:12 am

    I’m SO using these today!

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