Signs You Need a Break (a massage, to be exact)

November 24, 2014

For the past 6 weeks my husband was traveling for work……all week…..every week. And for the past 6 weeks I was a snappy, short tempered, maxed out mama. Everything my kids did irked me to the bone. Drove. Me. Insane. What the heck happened to my patience? What happened to my sense of humor? What happened to me? I have this beautiful gift of three little boys and I am being a monster of a mom. Fangs OUT.

And when I thought about it……though about why.… came to me.

I needed a break.

“Me time”, if you will.

Cliche? I know…. We all say we need a break, but do we ever really take one? As I am feeling my way through motherhood, I am learning that you can’t be the mom you want to be unless you take care of yourself. Who knew….The airlines have had it right all along, “Make sure your air mask is secured before assisting others”.

Need I say more?

Apparently so. There are many moms out there who just can’t read the signs – the signs you need a break. Lemme help you out with a little quiz:

How does a mom know when she needs a break?

szuzsanna day spa

Answer these questions with a quick YES or NO

1. Does using the bathroom alone feel like a vacation?

2. Do you eat at least two-thirds of your meals standing up crouched over the counter top?

3. Does more than 4 showers per week make you feel like you are too clean?

4. Do you consider a 5 hour stretch of sleep to be amazing?

5. Do you sometimes take the long way home so you can enjoy a few more moments of your kids strapped into a seat?

6. Do you consider wearing yoga pants and carrying a baby up and down the stairs a great combo of cardio and weight training?

7. Are you incapable of counting to 10 before someone needs something of you?

In my very scientific opinion, if you have answered YES to more than two of these questions, guess what? It’s a sign that you need a break. You have officially qualified yourself for a little me-time. Congrats!

When a massage therapist, Nancy, who works at Day Spa by Zsuszanna asked me to come in for a complimentary massage, I leaped, not jumped, leaped on the opportunity. I got a massage so I could close myself off to the world for 90 minutes and let someone else take care of me. And it was…. amazing.


(This is not a picture of me…. sorry… haven’t mastered the art of the massage selfie just yet)

Day Spa by Zsuszanna’s (pronounced Shu Shanna), located in Wayne, PA is a beautiful boutique day spa in a spot I pass almost every day, but had never been in until now. This place has everything you can imagine for the full spa experience: a friendly, knowledgeable staff, a peaceful relaxation/waiting room, clean and comfortable private rooms, showers, soothing (but not overbearing) scents…. all in a boutique-y and intimate setting. I couldn’t have been more impressed with my massage by Nancy. She knew I was a maxed out mom and that I was there to relieve stress. She knew the typical pains associated with motherhood (lower back pain and tight shoulders) and was even offered tips of how I can combat these ailments at home. After a brief consultation, she showed me to my room, reminded me that this was my time to let go, and then gave me one of those massages that you just don’t ever want to end.

But like any mom who has guilt about taking time for herself, I felt indulgent……

A massage? Who am I? Kim Kardashian?

But Nancy pointed out that although massage feels great, there are so many benefits beyond just that:

5 Reasons You Should Get a Massage

1. Improves circulation and reduces blood pressure

2. Reduces mental stress and increases capacity for clearer thinking

3. Reduces levels of anxiety

4. Increases awareness of mind-body connection

5. Stimulates circulatory and nervous systems to improve organ function, lymphatic circulation, and improved digestion

… and those are just a few of many other benefits of massage.

Just before I left the spa (in a hurried state because I had gotten a call from my babysitter saying my son was sick….. nothing like being snapped right back into reality…….) Nancy, a mother of three, told me that one of her biggest regrets during the childbearing years was that she didn’t take enough time to take care of herself. And she wants all of the Sisters to Sons readers to experience the benefits as well. She says:

“The world is very different from the one your grandmother grew up in. It is fast and noisy. We must remember to ‘unplug’ every once in a while to hear the messages our mind and body are sending us, and our family members.We must learn to be aware of our surroundings, pay attention, slow down.”

Zsuzsanna’s would like to extend a 15% discount for a massage with Nancy or facial with Renee or May. When you call to schedule your appointment, mention “Lindsey’s Blog”, as the code word for the discount.

Oh, and one more thing. Nancy even has the secret to getting your husband to listen to everything you have to say…..and all you have to do is…. well, I’ll let her show you when you go in. Trust me, its way easier than you think.

Be sure to follow Zsuszanna’s Day Spa on Facebook and also check out their website for a full list of services. 

Know someone who could use a little me-time? We all need a little encouragement, so send them this post!


  • Marci
    November 24, 2014 at 8:13 pm

    You deserve some serious relaxation after 6 weeks of husband travel. Looks wonderful!

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