Spring Fashion Trends Part I – Culottes, Fringe, and Wide Legs oh my!

March 18, 2015

You guys! Kaytlynn has rounded up the hottest spring fashion trends and is sharing some of her favorite finds in a two part series. I got so excited when she sent me the post that I sprinted to Anthro to try some of these on for you all (pictures included). Happy spring to all and after this winter I think we all deserve to add a few fun pieces to our wardrobe. At least that is what I am telling my husband  myself.. oh wait, maybe it should be the other word crossed off? Ok enough of me. Let’s see what spring fashion trends Kaytlynn has lined up!

spring fashion trends

When I was in seventh grade butterfly clips were all the rage. Glittered butterfly clips to be exact. That’s embarrassing but you know what, I’m pretty sure I also wore glittered eye shadow over white eyeliner which is infinitely more embarrassing and most likely didn’t do much to compliment the rotation of rubber band color combinations I used to accent my braces. We’ll just call that year a loss.

I distinctly remember getting ready for my seventh grade “formal” and wincing when my hair got twisted back into little sections adorned with nothing other than individual butterfly clips (most likely also in alternating colors). That was the first time I was informed “beauty is pain” from my sister. From that day forward “beauty is pain” became sort of a tagline in our house that I never understood. It was the response to wearing stockings (too tight, too constricting on my toes – I hate them.), testing out heels for the first time, the sensitivity of teeth whitening (this is post-braces, but why I was whitening my teeth in middle school is another question for another day) and of course my first eyebrow wax. The list goes on.

You know what else my sister told me? She told me I was adopted and she told me that if I made weird faces my face would get stuck like that. But here I am with an unstuck face that looks like the exact mix of both my mother and father (and their premature gray hair to boot). So to you “beauty is pain” believers I say you’re full of it and spring trends just happen to agree with me. Pumps and skinny jeans be gone, the fashion gods have spoken and decided you can in fact have your cake and eat it too. The seasons are a changing and what’s a loose-fit chambray if not a vehicle to hide the aftermath of a little too much HaagenDazs (this is spring, not summer, I’m not ready to discuss bikinis yet)?

Also, not that I feel the need to provide further justification for choosing comfort this season, but thick eyebrows are in, once again proving that my sister knows absolutely nothing about anything.
These are the top seven* things your closet (and your feet) will thank you for this spring.

*I know seven is random, I had ten but this got lengthy and I’m not too proud to admit I can’t hold your attention that long. You’ll get 4 today and 3 tomorrow.


Add that one to your fashion vocab and check yourself out being all trendy and such. I get it, these don’t look great on everyone, and they’re not exactly every day enough to just wear to the bus stop (maybe), but they’re forgiving and they’ll definitely help spice up your favorite top and highlight your favorite mules. Don’t knock ‘em till you try ‘em.

spring trends culottes

Anthropologie Palolem Culottes // Asos Sister Jean Cullottes // Free People High Rise Culottes


We could do a whole post on fringe – it’s here in a big way this spring and it’s something that can totally transition into fall (I know, that sentence is really obnoxious). Fringe can seem a little costume-y (made up word) but it doesn’t have to be suede dangling from a camel color vest with cowboy boots. Here are few options that could totally fit into your wardrobe.

spring trends fringe

Zara Fringed High Heel Sandal (I know I said to ditch the heels but these are too good) // Zara Fringed Suede Bucket Bag // South Moon Under Crochet Fringe Poncho Top

spring trends fringe

Lindsey’s Fringe FindFringed Lace Top


Lindsey’s sister Abby told me skirts are having a moment. I believe anything she says. Call me impressionable but she’s never told me my face would get stuck in a weird expression.

spring trends

Anthropologie Shadow Stripe Midi Skirt // TopShop Textured Box Pleat Midi Skirt // Banana Republic Floral Ponte Midi

spring trends

Wearing Anthro’s Shadow Stripe Midi // Foil Dot Tee

 Wide Legs:

See culottes – not for everyone but I’m not one to protest something that’s labeled stylish yet feels exactly like my pajamas.

spring trends wide leg
Anthropologie Verso Wide Leg Trouser // Anthropologie Samaire Wide Legs // Zara Wide Leg Denim Jeans

spring trends wide leg

Wearing Anthro’s Samaire Wide Leg (Side note: I would have NEVER tried these on if Kaytlynn hadn’t introduced me to them, but I must say, I sort of love them. They feel like air and I think they would make the perfect pool/beach party outfit)

If the print is too much for you, I also tried on these. OMG postpartum, post pizza, post too much beer heaven! Elastic waist band. Need I say more?

spring trends wide legs 4

Wearing: Skirted Tulip Wide Legs // Pendant (my grandmothers <3)

See anything you are ready to try? Yay or nay on this years trends? Check out Part II of this series here

  • Rachel
    March 18, 2015 at 3:11 pm

    I love that skirt/tee shirt combo on you! It’s so so cute!

  • Marci
    March 18, 2015 at 8:38 pm

    I remember my black fringed suede jacket from middle school. I knew I should have kept it!

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