Buyer’s Picks for the Spring Wardrobe (on a budget)

March 26, 2015

This next post is courtesy of my sister, Abby, who has one of those super sexy jobs. You know, the type where you can wear ripped jeans to work and bring your dog to the office. Yeah, I know…….. She works on the buying team at Anthropologie (is my obsession with the store starting to make more sense?) Thought so. Anyway, Abby has curated a list for you guys that you are probably going to want to bookmark. While these picks are for “spring” they will stand the test of time. Translation: they are classic, lasting trends. Oh, and they are all under $100.

The Buyer’s top 10 Picks for the Spring Wardrobe (plus 1) to Update Your Wardrobe this Spring

buyers picks for spring wardrobej.crew linen tee: need to update your basic white tee? try this linen neck tee from j.crew- the linen gives a slight texture, but will still wash and wear like your cotton tees. the linen is airy and breathable to keep you cool through the summer

gap eyelet stripe skirt: classic white skirt- easy to dress up for a brunch or a shower with wedges and dress down with a graphic tee

gap chambray joggers: these are like fancy sweatpants- easy way to feel put together when in a rush. throw on some heels and a fitted shirt and you are date night ready!

zara stripe turtle neck dress: turtlenecks are going to be a huge this fall- jump on the trend now with this mock neck stripe dress from zara. a versatile piece to have in your closet in a simple silhouette. Wear this with a pop color shoe for a high contrast look or wear this with a denim jacket for a casual cool ensemble

zara tie dye scarftie dye is a huge trend for spring, but all trends come and go. this scarf is an easy way to look “trendy” but can easily be carried into the next season. I would wear white jeans, my white linen tee and this scarf for a casual, but classic summer look

zara fringe bagfringe is another big trend for spring. I like this understated bit of fringe on this simple black pouch.

asos classic trench: i would say splurge on a nice trench coat, but this one from asos is so easy on the wallet it was hard to resist. throw this on over anything and you will immediately look put together. i like the slouchy way the model wears this in the photo… #iwokeuplikethis

old navy cross body bag: i love this subtle pop of color and the price tag on this bag! cross body bags are so in and take your outfit from boring to bold!

shopbop – steven metallic sandal: this shoe is simple but versatile. you can wear this to a wedding, with jeans (and your linen tee) on date night, or to the grocery store (hey why not?) the soft metallic color will punch up any outfit

old navy gladiator sandal: gladiators are still around this season, i like these from old navy, because you don’t have to deal with buckles or ties, just zip up the back and go! (agh! sorry guys. I think these just sold out, but try these instead!)

banana republic studs: ok i couldn’t resist- these are just chic!

And because I want you guys know how much faith I have in my little sis, I went out and bought a few for some field testing.

Ok first the joggers. Talk about game changers. These deserve their own post and that will likely happen if I can get a photographer other than my 5 year old (anyone? anyone??). A little backstory: So I remembered that I was going to post this tonight and wanted to include a picture of me in the joggers so you guys can see their potential. So I took my sweatpants off. Put my joggers on and, oh yeah baby, still felt like I was wearing my sweatpants. Threw on my linen tee over a bralet (another Abby recommendation), espadrilles, and a necklace and walked downstairs to my son who was like, “Um, mom? Where do you think you are going? You never said you were going out!” And right there, my friends, is proof that you can wear these babies OUT! Straight from the 5 year old’s mouth. You can dress us up and you can take us out and we can feel like we are wearing freaking sweatpants. There is good in the world, people. And this is proof. Anyway, I convinced him that I was going nowhere and just needed him to take a picture for my “job”.

gap joggers

I mean, do you see the fear in his face? He totally thinks I am going out. And I totally feel like I am wearing sweatpants. Beer drinkers and postpartum ladies rejoice!

gap joggers

Ok and one more. The Gap eyelet skirt:

gap eyelet skirtI’m kicking it down a notch with slip ons and a sweater, but this is one of those pieces that gives you endless options. And there’s the little guy just #keepinitreal *sigh*

Alright. That’s all we’ve got! Any questions? Hit us up in the comments and I’ll let you pick my sister’s fashion-y brain 😉

  • Marci
    March 26, 2015 at 9:32 pm

    I went to a moms night out tonight at a cute local store and they gave everyone a pair of those double-sided studs. Brilliant!

    • Abby
      March 26, 2015 at 10:09 pm

      It’s the most interesting take on a stud earring I have seen in a long time!

  • Kristen
    March 27, 2015 at 9:24 am

    Love this and I’m sharing! It’s great that these are MOM friendly…and I totally already have joggers.

  • Hilary
    April 9, 2015 at 8:22 am

    I love jogger pants… they’re along the same lines as the paper bag waste for skirts I think. And oddly enough, my daughter’s method of wearing her bags like a cross-body bag has increased my need for one of my own. Maybe when I don’t need to stuff diapers and wipes in my current daily bag 🙂

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