Weekend Update

March 29, 2015

Hi you guys. Happy spring break, right? Hope some of you are on a super fun vacation in a ridiculously warm place, drinking island drinks out of coconuts while your kids bury your feet in the sand. Anyone? Anyone? Ok anyone else like me and stuck at home alllllll week with allllllll of the kids? Spring freaking break. Woo hoo!

I have no clue what we will be doing all week. I suppose I could do one or 79 of these suggested spring break activities, or I could just pray really, really hard that it gets warmer and let my kids play outside. That would be nice. Mother Nature, are you listening? But really, I’m just hoping for a week free midnight emergency room visits and that my kid doesn’t lock me out of the house. Because, yeah, that happened too.

Whether you are beachin’ it or bitchin’ it (the term for everyone who is bitter about being on a staycation this spring break) here are some things to keep you busy:

Read this article from Hands Free Mama about how moms are the life of the party. Wait, what? Yeah, I know. Same reaction, but my neighbor told me about this article and it’s a perspective that all moms need to hear… and internalize. We are so freaking cool in the eyes of our kids. So freaking cool. Just go with it.

Sign your little tot up for a spring class. The two I just signed up for are swimming lessons because, yes, summer is around the corner and I am a paranoid freak at the pool. And also, the spring session of Young Learners which is the highlight of my son’s week every week. And mine too, you know, because of the 75 minutes of alone time it provides me.

While he is doing this:

young learners at young sports

…..I am by myself eating this:

young learners

It’s really a beautiful thing.

(Also, due to popularity, Miss Kate is adding a Tuesday class as well! Sign up asap because this sells out fast! For more info on YL, read this.)

So on that note, do something for yourself this week. Fresh spring pedi? Update your spring wardrobeMassage? This post from A Grande Life  about trying to relax cracked. me. up.

And if you are anything like me and having serious anxiety about going to the grocery store with all the kids home this week, let me introduce you to my saviors: Instacart (#theydeliverwine) and Fresh Direct. Amazon Fresh is also delivering to my area now, but I have yet to try it. Anyone??

Oh, and one more thing (sorrynotsorry), but those girlfriend jeans we’ve been eyeing up and those joggers, or this dress, yep. All 40% off today with code EGGHUNT… and speaking of which, anyone have a fun one for us to go to today? Ok, coffee is ready. I’m out! xo




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