5 Kids and A Dressing Room – Nordstrom Half Yearly Sale

May 26, 2015

If you aren’t still putting off (and no judgment if you are) the dreaded changing of your kid’s drawers from winter clothes to summer, you’ve probably realized… Crap! Nothing fits from last year. Baffles me every time. Yeah. I tried to squeeze my 6 year old into size 4 shorts for Easter and even my (rather oblivious) husband noticed that they weren’t working for us anymore. I’m of the mentality that I can’t (and won’t) spend a million dollars on my kids clothes because, well, if you have kids then you know why. They ruin everything and they grow. so. fast. But as my kids have gotten older and have “opinions” as my six year old likes to call them, they have gotten pickier about the clothes they wear. Basically it comes down to these criteria:

1. They need to be soft.

2. They need to be loose.

4. They need to be “cool”.

And you know I have boys, so maybe girls are different? But basically whenever Nordstrom has a sale on kids clothes, I need to be all over it. My kids live in a lot of their sporty brands like Under Armour, Nike, Adidas, and when I beg them to “dress up” (translation: You can wear anything but sports clothes) Tucker and Tate is my go-to. Everything in their line is super, super soft and adorable and my kids will actually wear it. Even their jeans (not on sale at the moment, but these are THE ONLY pair of jeans I can get them to wear.)

My sister and I thought it would be a brilliant idea to haul our kids to Nordstrom for the half yearly sale to scope out the goods (note: it was not a brilliant idea – 5 kids under 6 in a dressing room – definitely not brilliant) – but we did find some great steals and here they are and hopefully not all sold out by now!

The Sporty Kidnordstrom half yearly sale


A little bit funky, a little bit fancy

nordstrom half yearly sale

(and this is one of those girl-mom envy moments – that black and white Kate Spade dress…..*swoon*)

nordstrom half yearly sale

The Girly Girl

nordstrom half yearly sale

You can dress them up….. (well, sort of)

nordstrom half yearly sale

And this little guy doesn’t have “opinions” about his clothing yet, so this Boden number is for the win. Yes, when they turn 5-ish, this is considered “fancy”.

nordstrom half yearly sale

nord groupBut most importantly, we can’t let those fruits snacks go to waste…


And here it is all laid out for ya, with a few fun extras:


  • Sarah
    May 26, 2015 at 8:30 pm

    I hope you bought that red white and blue boden 3/4 zip!!!!! I LOVED Mini Boden on Derek when he was 18mths-4yrs

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