Home Refresher at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

July 18, 2015

I don’t know about you, but I’m at that point in my life where I’ve been married for almost 9ish years and so that means it’s been about 9ish years since I’ve bought anything for my home because, well, how amazing are wedding presents, right? Besides replacing a broken wine glass here and there I’ve focused my home spending on things like baby gear, storage bins (because omg all the stuff!!), and light bulbs (because, you know…. monsters!). And while perusing through the home section of the NSale, I realized, that hey, they have some pretty awesome things that aren’t baby gear, or storage bins, or light bulbs, that my house (and my soul) could really benefit from. And I am a huge believer in aesthetic therapy – I don’t even know if thats a real thing, but if a room looks nice and clean yet cozy and smells good, then I’m a happier mama. And with that in mind, I picked a few things that just might make you happier too. (images below are clickable)

sip. Because is it just me or is the Moscow Mule making a serious comeback this summer?

snuggle. My friend turned me on to these lightweight, soft, yet blanket-like turkish towels and I am s.m.i.t.t.e.n. Perfect for the beach or pool because they dry out super fast. (Would also make a great gift!)

smile. These days coffee time is on-the-go. And wait! You’re thinking about how much polka dots make you happy???! ME TOO! We deserve a cup that makes us smile. It’s the little things, right?

sniff. Ahh, my favorite candles in the world. This trio is perfect: one for a hostess gift, one to brighten a friend’s day, and one for you – obviously 😉

style. Raise your hand if your living room needs a little refresher. I love a good pouf. Chic…. and kid-friendly.

sleep. Aaaand when was the last time you bought sheets? No, those cute-but-not-soft-ones-you-bought-from-Target-to-get-by-in-a-time-of-desperation don’t count! These are those Westin hotel sheets. Oh yes, the “heavenly” ones.

splurge. Picture this. The kids are all sleeping. You are on the couch. Glass of chardonnay in hand. Odd Mom Out and all it’s hilarity on the tube. The only thing that could make this situation “perfection” would be this blanket. Ok and maybe a foot rub.

spoil. I couldn’t not include these. They remind me of my favorite mugs from Anthro.

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P.P.S. A few readers have sent me other must-haves that they’ve come across! I’d love to include some reader recommendations in another post! Email [email protected] or comment below!




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