Fall Wardrobe Staple: 1 Vest Many Ways

September 16, 2015

Hi guys! Hope everyone’s starting to come up for air after the first few weeks of back-to-school craziness. Whether you are still wiping tears from sending kids to school for the first time, or struggling to get back into the swing, or celebrating (don’t look at me!!) a little free time, there is one undeniable truth: The days are getting shorter and the mornings are a wee bit chiller. Womp. Womp. In truth, I love fall, I just don’t love what’s around the bend from that. But we aren’t talking about that, now are we? Fall it is. Yes, and I had a point or rather a direction in which this post was going…… ah yes. A lot of readers have been asking me for “staple wardrobe items” or how to build a versatile wardrobe. These are million dollar questions and things that I think about as well because, 1) less is sometimes more and 2) well, closet space and lack thereof. In an attempt to help some readers out, I’ve had my eye open for items that lend themselves to versatility……and sometimes those items just fall right in your lap.

As some of you know, via instagram and my pleas for help on Facebook, I attended a New York Fashion Week event last Sunday (more on that later), and I was desperately seeking an outfit to wear among people who DO fashion for a living. Yeah. Slightly intimidating. Thanks to your help, I decided on this jumpsuit and at the last minute (like the day before the event) I bought this vest to throw on top for a little more sophistication and questionable NYC rooftop bar weather. It was expensive, but hello……..FASHION week.

The final “look” looked something like this:

museum district vest

fall wardrobe stapleI mean this vest. It just floooows. It flows just right. And I am smitten.

fall wardrobe staple


After the NYFW hoopla, I came back to Philadelphia and spent the morning in the city with my boys. But here we go with the start of those chilly mornings. I packed jeans and a white, stripy tee, and was faaa-reezing. The only extra layer I had was my fancy “fashion week” vest to keep warm. Out of desperatation, I threw it on and waaaaait a minute. Not so fancy any more. It dawned on me. This is it. The illusive, versatile fall wardrobe staple item we’ve all been dreaming about.

fall wardrobe staple

From fancy/glam to weekend/casual, just like that.

fall wardrobe stapleNotice my son’s arms insides his shirt (I’m telling you, it was cold!). The one in the stroller feels no pain. Ever.

fall wardrobe staple

And now you have a girl on a mission. A mission to illustrate the many ways this vest can work into your fall wardrobe. Scratch that. Fall AND winter wardrobe.

(shoes: tieks)

Date Night Vest

fall wardrobe staple

Throw it on over a dress for an extra layer of warmth, fun booties and out you go.

Girl, you need a BELT!

fall wardrobe staple

Sorry, the title caption is an old joke between my sisters and me from a bajillion years ago and the face I’m making is my “I-hate-posing-for-these-pictures-face”, but yes, you can belt this baby over flares and a turtleneck. And speaking of wardrobe staples, if you don’t have a turtleneck for the upcoming season, you can immediately add that onto your list.

Working girls? Trade out the jeans for any pair of wide leg trouser and great pair of pumps, but keep the top half exactly the same! And no one has to know you are wearing the same piece out for dinner with girl friends later (you know, with leather pants instead;))

Belt: (old) but this is similar

Monochrome Buster

fall wardrobe staple

Use this vest to add color (and texture) to an otherwise monochrome look.

fall wardrobe staple

tshirt: sold out ;(… but this is sort of fun in a tongue-in-cheek way for those with kids)

Booty Hider

fall wardrobe stapleI love the black leggings/chambray/high boot/scarf combo as much as the next girl. BUT, sometimes we want a little booty coverage. And so, the vest….

fall wardrobe staple

Scarf: (old anthro) but love this one.

Boots: (old j.crew) but I’m sure you already have a pair you love!

The vest that a GRANDMOTHER can totally ROCK!

fall wardrobe stapleI know my mom has roped some of her friends into reading my blog (thanks, mom) and she (nor her friends) look much like grandmothers, but here is proof this vest WORKS on just about anyone. (Oh, and we are both wearing the xs/s version for reference)

fall wardrobe stapleNow if only she will make me a trade for that Apple watch…

And one last note. Yes, this vest is more than I would typically spend on a sweater, BUT obviously it can be worn in many ways, it is not “trendy”, but instead timeless, and I just love it. Okaaay?!! Okay. (Thank you for letting my work out my shopping math. Dear husband, are you listening?)

Ohhh and one more thing. My pregnant friend bought this too and it works perfectly with those sporting the bump!

How would you wear this vest? Abby, Kayt… what am I missing?

As always, I love your fashion questions so keep them coming! And I promise I am getting back to the parenting type posts too – I. Just. Need. More. Time!!

  • sharan
    October 14, 2015 at 4:28 pm

    Love the different ways you styled this vest from casual to going-out looks!!

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