The Sunday Brief

November 1, 2015

the sunday brief

Yes // Barbie’s new ad. #nailedit

Food for Thought // Steve Jobs didn’t let his kids use the iPad. I’m all about moderation, but thoughts on this?

Book Club // An intriguing non-fiction book for your kids that’s not too non-fiction-y. And while we’re at it, how about a child-sized biography? This one  = Rave reviews. Three words: Add to cart.

SorryNotSorry // I knew I was onto something here… turns out we shouldn’t force our kids to say “I’m sorry”. Great advice on how to handle fights here.

Confession // I live in a bubble. I hardly ever know what is going on in the world – partly because it scares me and partly because, well, I’m busy! No more excuses because I just subscribed to The Daily Skimm – a quick read that catches me up. And bonus, they even recommend wine – and I’ve had this one. So good. Thanksgiving worthy.

Sneak Peak // Holiday gift guides are underway, but here is a heart warmer that I couldn’t wait to share – is this not the perfect gift for parents or grandparents? Talk about FINE art!

Switch to Safer // I am becoming obsessed with this skincare and cosmetics line as I slowly, but surely transition my stash into much safer YET effective hands. Recent additions include the AM Moisturizer and lipgloss in shade “buff” – the perfect nude. Allow my friend Julia to answer your Q’s and hook you up with a safer regimen! #scarychemicalsbeGONE #switchtosafter

Confused // Many of you have expressed confusion with my instagram account and the “liketoknow” links! If you sign up here, then “like” my instagram photos with the “liketoknow” stuff in the caption, shopping links for whatever I’m wearing will be emailed to you. Less confused now? Still confused? Leave a comment and I can try to clarify!

Fashion Emergency // Need help with layering? My sister sent me this handy guide showing how to take a simple outfit and make it awesome.

Hope everyone survives the wrath of the Halloween sugar crash today!

Sendallofthereesespumpkinsmyway. Onlythepumpkins. Notthecircleones.


  • Marci
    November 1, 2015 at 6:56 am

    I recently discovered the Daily Skimm too. Love it.

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