Holiday Gift Guide for Kids {Part 1 – Building Toys, Arts + Crafts, Sports}

November 11, 2015

Ok, first, a little bit about this year’s gift guide. If you’ve been reading for a while you know that my holiday gift guides for kids tend to showcase high quality toys that stand the test of time. I choose toys that make your kids think, interact, manipulate, move, and imagine. I tend to stay away from batteries if possible (because let’s be honest, who has time for those tiny screws), and I do my best to recommend the not-so-obvious gifts (think Legos, Barbies, baseball gloves) because you already know your kids will love them! The gifts in my guide are all either personal recommendations or have been recommended to me by a reader. In some cases, the gift is completely new to me, but you guys, I read A LOT of ratings and am bringing you the creme de la creme of gifts. That makes them sound fancy doesn’t it? Ok so they are not fancy, but they are fun and cool, and I’m pretty sure they will bring smiles this holiday season. If I came across a gift that had less than stellar ratings, I didn’t include it.

A little bit about how to use this gift guide: The gifts towards the top of each individual graphic are for the younger kids and increases in age as you go down (this does not apply to arts +crafts, I’d say they are all for 4 years and up). You can also click on any image to bring you to the shopping link, double check that the ratings are awesome, and see how much Santa is going to have to shell out. When I think about shopping for my own kids, I try to give a good balance of gifts – maybe one from each category or something to that effect. Remember, this is just part 1! Games, imaginary play, and independent play toys and MORE are coming soon!

I hope this is helpful for you and feel free to ask any questions. And MOST definitely feel free to share this with friends (and grandparents…wink wink).

holiday gift guide for kids

Holiday Gift Guide for Kids

amaze. A mesmerizing first set of blocks. With sound (!!!)

create. Sensory heaven.

go big. I mean, why did I not know about these until now?

on-the-go. Restaurant/travel must-have.

classic. A good ole set of blocks. A household staple.

dream. Magnatiles are amazing, but ICE magnatiles? Genius. (shove ova’, Elsa)

inspire. The ULTIMATE fort builder. Just add a sheet.

imagine. Don’t let the simplicity fool you. Serious architectural potential. Husbands love these too.

explore. The perfect gift to stretch the imagination of a budding artist.

etch. Who are we kidding? I just like this because its MESSLESS.

draw. Stick figures be-gone! Thousands of faces to be made with this stencil kit.

keepsake. Kiwi Crate is now selling individual kits without a subscription. This holiday one looks super fun. And who doesn’t like homemade decor?

construct. Because regular snowmen were so last year.

pretend. Design your own family AND THEN play with them? Break out the US Magazines moms because you just bought yourself some TIME!

design. Is it just me or did we have this when we were kids? In my vague memory of this, I loved it.

color. Apparently adults are swooning over this coloring book. My 29 year old sister has it for herself. Something about zen? Relaxation? Meditative? Worth a try, right?

doodle. The new version of the boogie board. Traceable!

glide. Lightweight, foldable, living room approved. Oh, and it helps with balance and promises to be fun. So there’s that.

wiggle. Boredom busters to get extra energy out. #snowdaysavior

balance. Snowboard training, or a tipsy turvy tea party table. Your choice.

bend + twist. A fun bonding activity for those cooped up winter days.

scoot. You know my thoughts on these. Every kid in the world should have one. THE BEST. (For more info on Micro Kickboards read my past reviews here and  here)

cruise. Once you figure out how to propel yourself on these babies, you’ll be hooked. And yes I mean you. You might have to fight your kid for it.

strike. ok so this does require batteries, but claims it sends a pitch right down the middle every time. For moms who “stink” at pitching like me, add to cart.

launch. Hot new toy of the year. Haven’t tried it but looks like fun!

score. If you want to have the “popular yard”, you need these. And this.

impress. Yes this is totally over the top ridiculous and Mr. Claus already said NO. But you should totally get this. And then invite me and my kids over. I’ll bring the hot cocoa.

 ~Check back soon for Part 2!~

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  • John
    November 25, 2015 at 9:56 pm


    Thanks for sharing these ideas! There is nothing better for a growing boy than a good old fashioned pile of blocks to build.

    Question: As I am accumulating more toys for my son as he gets older, I feel like the more he has, the easier he gets bored with them (even as a 1 year old).

    Have any thoughts on this?

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