The Sunday Brief

November 15, 2015

the sunday brief

Eat // This dinner, this side. This stew. This pasta. Three easy weeknight meals. Can you tell I have a thing for Real Simple?

Need it. Want it. // If you have preschool age kids, how awesome is this?

Must Have // Splurge or Save.

Philly Fun // Tons of fun holiday stuff to do in Philly this season.

Turkey Day // Some fun stats on how Americans like to spend their Thanksgiving.

What Will They Think of Next // Tinder for baby names? WHAT?!

Parenting // This is now in full effect in my house. #canwesaydesperate #itactuallyworks

Hooray for Headstrong // Strong-willed child on your hands. Read this, then ease on back…apparently.

Shop // Nordstrom Fall Sale ends TODAY!! – if you missed some great gift ideas on sale now for the whole family, you can check that out here.

Tis the Season // Gift guides are rolling out and I have a new HOLIDAY page for all gift ideas and holiday inspired post all in one spot! Check back regularly for all of your holiday needs. More ideas for kids are coming soon, plus men, women, and holiday inspired outfit ideas!

News // This has been in a the works for a few months, but excited finally share that I am completely redoing my website! Exciting changes to come in the new year (maybe even before). In the mean time, I’ll be adding a Q & A section to my About page because it desperately needs to be updated. What questions do you have for me? i.e. In person I always get asked things like, “When do you do your writing?” which then leads to, “Ok well when do you do the laundry?” or things like, “Who cuts your youngest’s hair?” to things like ” So do you make any money blogging?” Ok so now is your chance – Ask anything! (email or leave a comment!)

And that’s all I got. Oh, one more thing. IF you are local, the “Sisters to Sons Discount” at The Play Cafe ends the 16th! Tons of awesome baby gifts as well as clothes and toys for older kids too! Don’t forget to stop in!



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