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4 Festive Holiday Dresses

November 19, 2015

Thanksgiving is just a week away and then we are IN it. In the thick of the most magical time of year 😉 – HOLIDAY SEASON. You know, the time of year where you run around like a crazy person buying everything in sight, elbowing other moms over the last must have toy on your kid’s list, making 12 dozen cookies too many, eating 12 dozen cookies too many, begging and pleading for someone to watch your kids and then paying babysitters quadruple the normal amount because you have not one, but 3 holiday parties in one single night. You know, that time of year. Anyway, I had a hunch that you might be attending a holiday party or 37 so I figured you might need some festive holiday dress inspiration, no? Anthropologie is having a pretty major sale on dresses right now (25% off with code HURRAH) so I stopped in to see the top contenders for this holiday season. Here are a few “dressing room selfies”  (which is code for: slightly awkward, slightly blurry) of a few  dresses that caught my eye. And be sure to check out lots of other festive holiday dresses featured in the boutique at the end of the post!

The Office Party

festive holiday dressAh, a sweater dress. They are huge this season, but the best thing about sweater dresses is the comfort factor. I love this dress for an office party because it is sweet and conservative and is a blank slate for great accessories…. especially egg nog. And already on sale, this dress comes to $74 with the discount. Not bad.

Get the look:

The Cocktail Party

festive holiday dress
Ok, I admit, I was drawn to the RED, but this dress is so easy. It really needs nothing besides a great pair of heels (the shoes I am wearing were just in the dressing room and 2 sizes too big) or even boots. The pattern, the pleats, and the price. This dress is IT. Since this dress is already on sale, it comes to $59 with the discount).

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The Dinner Party with Friends

festive holiday dress

So you are thinking, “Okay, a denim dress. Now what??” Now what I’ll show you:

festive holiday dressTwo festive holiday looks – one dress. If you are looking for a dress with tons of versatility that you can wear all year in just about a bajillion and one ways – it’s this one right here.

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The Fancy Kind of Party With Good Wine

festive holiday dresses

This one is a show stopper. Grab a gold clutch, order a UBER, and out the door you go. And P.S…. it has pockets(!!)

festive holiday dresses

One more shot because the embroidery detail deserves a second look.

Get the Look:

I’d love you hear which look you like best! And more importantly, how full is your calendar already?

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  • Kaytlynn
    November 19, 2015 at 2:48 pm

    I die for pockets. Love these picks!

  • abby
    November 20, 2015 at 9:23 am

    I love the denim dress! So versatile and the perfect transitional dress!!!!

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