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November 24, 2015

There comes a point in a girl’s life where she wants, no scratch that, she craves to carry a regular bag. A beautiful, fabulous, stunning, but regular bag – not a diaper bag. A bag without elastic outer pockets for baby bottles, or without inner compartments filled with wipes, and extra clothes, and burp clothes, and a bag where the bottom, no doubt, has a film of powdered formula, caked into the creases. Sometimes a girl wants a bag just for herself. To make her feel like an adult. A woman. A bag that signifies the years of accomplishments and triumphs from the diaper bag days, just prettier, less…. less messy? But where does a girl begin? Louis? Tory? Rebecca? Kate? So many choices, so MANY bags. And then one day a girl waltzes into a store. She follows the smell of leather….

waltzing matilda

Free smells is right. And she knows there must be… BAGS! Deep inhale, a glance around the store – like an open kitchen restaurant, leather goods are in production to the left (handmade – check!), a hand shake from the owner (personal touch – check!), a quick history including the fact that all leather is recycled, repurposed, and hence every piece of merchandise has a story (sustainable and sentimental – check! check!) And at that moment, a girl is sold. Waltzing Matilda has something for everyone – that wow factor gift that will literally last a lifetime. But which one to choose?

waltzing matilda

The Aspen Bag – inspired by a vintage overnight bag that Mike, the owner, spotted in a Denver airport and sketched in flight. The bag has come to life in three sizes and was also part of a Free People x Waltzing Matilda collaboration.

I mean, it is an impressive bag. Simply stunning.

waltzing matilda

This bag is perfect for anyone who travels and needs a slightly larger bag, but smaller sizes, more suitable for everyday are here and here.

Every time I go into the store, I gravitate towards this bag, the Cumberland Tote (dear husband are you listening?). I touch it. I hold it. And I envision my initials embossed in the center (because they can do that right there in the store for you.)

waltzing matilda

The Cumberland Tote, is lightweight and polished, and extremely soft. It’s the perfect everyday bag.

waltzing matilda

waltzing matilda

Then there is the classic Market Tote bag. A slim silhouette, perfect for the working girl to hold a small laptop or iPad, or for a stroll around town – because moms stroll around town right? Ummmno. We don’t, but we should!

waltzing matilda

waltzing matilda

And I get it. These bags are beautiful, but maybe you are not ready to go there just yet. Maybe you need a bag that is equal parts mom-friendly and chic. And my answer to that is simple: the backpack. Hands bag-free with baby on the hip:

waltzing matilda

When will I stop calling this poor kid, “the baby”? (Answer: when he stops living on my hip which is likely… never). But I digress. Meet the Beau Bag (<– click through to see a better picture) Designed after a WWI duffel bag, this is perfect for a mom-on-the-go. You can wear it over one shoulder or across your chest as I am wearing in the photo. It comes in this gorgeous carmel suede color with a leather flap – perfect for embossing 😉 (Ladies, I am dropping as MANY hints as possible for your guys incaseyoucanttell.)

And then there is the bag for the women who lives for the story, the Navajo Bag. This bag is a history lesson in itself. No really – it is a museum quality piece made from a piece of vintage Navajo rug and the straps are made from a WWII officer’s belt from the Swiss army. Not gonna lie, I felt pretty special to be photographed wearing it. And also of note: Channing Tatum bought this bag…

waltzing matilda

waltzing matilda

And lastly, we can’t forget the Made Here Tote as featured in my Thanksgiving outfit post. This is a great gift for anyone! The price point is just right and it’s a fun conversation piece.

what to wear thanksgiving

This is just a taste of the handmade goodness that Waltzing Matilda has in store. OK, twist my leg. Here are a few more pieces that caught my eye.

waltzing matilda

Vintage Leather Cuff Bracelet // Coffee Sleeve (makes a great gift #embossit) // Wine Bag // Handsewn Oxfords

I strongly urge any locals to pop into their store in Wayne this holiday weekend (can we say BLACK FRIDAY?!). And also, all readers are getting 10% off your purchase! Just mention the blog when you walk in or use this code online: sisterstosonsWM (valid through December 31, 2015)

I’d love to hear which bag is your favorite? And the best part about all Waltzing Matilda pieces is that they are made to last a lifetime and can be customized/tweaked to suit your needs. Want an extra clasp or hook or pocket? They can do that.


Yeah. So I wanted a regular bag and I found one. But, now that I think of it, it’s not really a regular bag at all. It’s…………well, it’s, pretty special and unique. And that is what I was going for.


Outfit 1: UO Babydoll Sweater // Free People Jacket (on super sale) // Ray Bans (30% off) // Leggings // Boots // Bags (assorted Waltzing Matilda)

Outfit 2: Hat // Jeans // Sweater // Boots // Bag

This post was sponsored by Waltzing Matilda. All opinions are my own, especially the notion that you need to go in and see everything for your self. Touch it. And smell it. And, thank you for supporting the retailers that believe in this blog. 

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    November 24, 2015 at 8:07 pm

    true that girl this website really helped me with my baby

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