The Sunday Brief

November 29, 2015

the sunday brief

OK so I’ll just cut to the chase. YES, baby #4 is on the way. If you are following me on Instagram (@sisterstosons) I posted this craziness earlier this week. First, thank you all for your sweet, congratulatory words! And second, a few people asked questions so here goes….

How far along are you? About 13 weeks – due early June (just in time for all the kids to be home from school….. *insert fist pump*)

How do you feel? This time around was tough. I was nauseous all day and it peaked at night. As of last week, we are in the clear (I think). To be honest, I am mostly just nervous. Yes, this baby was planned (I think?), but my kids are a generous handful and I am minorly (majorly) freaking out (could be hormones??). This article about moms of 3 being more stressed than moms of 4 is giving me major hope though. So moms of 4 out there – what do you think?

Are you going to find out? Well…. I am dying to know, buuuuut we think we are going to hold out. You never know what pregnancy hormones do though so a change of heart is not out of the question. But come on, guys, we all know it’s a boy;)

Are you hoping for a girl? Really? Ok so the honest answer – having a girl would be amazing. But being the only girl is also amazing. I just want a baby – I’ll take and love whatever I get!

Did I cover all the bases? If not, leave a comment.

OK so what else is going on in the world besides the start of all the holiday madness? (#B101infulleffect <- locals will get that). Hopefully we all survived the Black Friday hoopla (some deals are still live and you can check out all the best ones here). Cyber Monday is more of the same and if I can get my act together I’ll do another round up. Are those types of posts helpful for you? Please give me feedback so I know if they are worthwhile!

Holiday parties are just around the corner and I am working on a round up of fun/festive outfits to wear. We are trying to incorporate some basics that you already have in your closet (ya know, to be wallet friendly), but here are a few items we (and by we I mean my secret style consultants and I) are dying over. I thought I would share a few pieces now so you can swoop them up while the black friday/cyber monday sales are still in effect. Later this week we will show you how to style them! (click through for accurate sale price)

Our Favorites


Fringe and Faux






Ok so what else? This is really super tasty. This is a fun thing to do with your kids for the month of December, which reminds me….I am so dreading the arrival of this little f-er. Pardon my French. It’s the hormones (and lack of wine…. but, whatever, ice cream is almost as good.) How many more months to go?

  • Natalie
    November 29, 2015 at 6:10 am

    I’m glad you’re joining me in the madness!! 🙂 It will be great! Yes, I think 3 was a little over the top, but it could have also been the spacing. I think your spacing from 3 to 4 will be the same as mine – it seemed much easier than the 2 or under 2 years apart spacing – everyone can help! I actually loved the early June baby! It was so nice to not have to go anywhere and friends helped out taking the kids for playdates. Nice to be on my own schedule. You’ll do great! I’m so excited for you!

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