Great Gifts for Guys

December 8, 2015

You didn’t think I forgot about the GUYS did you? This is always my favorite gift guide to make, because well, guys are easy. To shop for, that is 😉 Here is a round up of great gifts for guys – guys who love to cook, drink, relax, and look cool. What I’m saying is, there is something here for everyone. Oh. And because I’m NOT a guy (I just raise them), I asked my husband to give this list a once-over. He approved of everything except the bonus gift because hewasprobablyafraidiwouldactuallybuy it. So take that for what it’s worth! What are you getting for your special guy? I’d love to hear!

*all images are clickable and will take you directly to the shopping links (minus the leather goods in bottom right corner). All products are ALSO linked in description below.

Great Gifts for Guys:

Clarisonic for Men // Because they secretly like to pamper. (apologies, link is not working in image, but this one should work!)

Brander // For the chef with a slight ego. It’s all good. We love egos, as long as the steaks are good.

Grill Rub Seasoning Set // Williams – Sonoma always does it right. A gift he’ll use all year.

Roadmap T-shirt // As if dads don’t already know all the secrets to the “easy way out”, why not give them a little more encouragement? “Son, let’s bond.”

Leather Embossed Luggage Tag // A practical, useful, yet thoughtful little stocking stuffer.

Hershel Duffel Bag // The perfect man bag – for the gym, for a work trip, or a weekend getaway (hint hint)

Travel Dopp Kit // Makes those last minute trips easier – pre packed with (high quality) airline approved toiletries.

Bulldog Beer Opener // Got a beer lover AND a dog lover on your hands? Well, then. My work is done.

Bottle Cap Map // Because he needs another excuse to pop one open right? Perfect wall decor for any man cave.

S’well Water Bottle // I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. These. Are. Amazing. (and this one is oh-so MANLY, right?)

Jersey Hoodie // I get something similar for my husband every year. And then he wears it every waking hour until I am sick of it and by him a new one the next year. This is that new one.

Ugg Slippers // Because they are all cozy and stuff.

Massage Roller // Oh yes. He does deserve a massage. It’s just that sometimes we are too tired to give him one. And this one is probably a million times better than we are anyway….

Patio Heater // I once thought these were a luxury for restaurants only, but you guys, they are actually NOT a million dollars like you might have imagined. Now. Who wants to have a glass of wine outside and watch the snowfall?

Chemex Coffee Maker // I had to include an “all the rage right now” gift. This is it. And apparently it makes the PERFECT cup of coffee.

Monogram Whiskey Stone // What’s a gift guide for guys without a whiskey stone? This one’s got that personal touch, though….

Apple Watch // Wow factor gift. And no excuses for missing your texts. Or dead phone. Or stuck in a meeting. Or losing track of time. Or… ok I’ll stop now. You feel me?

Campfire Candle // You didn’t know there were such things as “man candles” now did you?

Leather/Suede Tech Organizer Sleeve // Perfect gift for the organizational freak (not my husband) – or those who need a little organizational encouragement (totally my husband). Plus this is sort of gorgeous. (Get 10% off with code: sisterstosonsWM online or mention the blog in store)

Leather Wallet // Practical, but this one is extra special. Made from repurposed leather right here in the US of A. (Get 10% off with code: sisterstosonsWM online or mention the blog in store)

**And because it’s fun to pick out a completely awesome, over-the-top splurge gift here is a little bonus………THIS!!!! (or a more rustic look HERE and a more modern look HERE). I mean, wow.

Ok, that’s all I got. What do you all think? Let me hear what your getting for your guy!

  • Rachel B
    December 9, 2015 at 3:05 pm

    Wow that map is so cool! Too bad I already bought my husband all his gifts for this year!

  • Leon
    April 5, 2016 at 5:50 am

    Great idea for creating a list like this. Women usually have a hard time buying for us guys because we don’t usually know what we want ourselves! But you have some nice original ideas here.

  • Bren
    June 20, 2016 at 12:16 pm

    Great stuff.. I personally love the road map shirt!! for I also have a little boy, tagging my wife for this one!! lol

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