It’s Sale Season – Maternity Sale Must-Haves (and something great for everyone else, too!)

January 14, 2016

It’s that time of year where all the retailers are clearing inventory and making room for warmer weather wear. BUT, if you live where I live, we still have at least FOUR! MORE! MONTHS! of this cold crap. And here’s a little secret, I never buy anything full price, especially maternity, so when I saw all of these great maternity sales on clothes that will still get plenty of use before the weather turns, I figured I would do little round up. Plus, thanks to my little survey, I found that a bunch of readers are preggo too! Tell me who you are! Leave a comment and tell me when you are due, what you are craving, and if you, too, can smell a beer on your husband’s breath across the room. I mean WHAT IS IT with this heightened sense of smell thing? I just don’t get it!

And here I am. Half way.

maternity clothes sale

Sweater // Leggings (sold out, but similar here) // Boots // Hat (sold out but similar here)

Why does 20 weeks look so much more “pronounced” this time around? Oh right. Fourth child. And as my doctor advised, the belly pops earlier due to “wear and tear”. Nice, huh. We still have a loong way to go so, yes, to the maternity sales we go…

Loft didn’t  have maternity during my last pregnancy (or a least I was totally unaware) and they are killing it! If you are a working mama, they have tons of pant/blouse options and pretty much everything is 40% off right now. The discount is applied once you check out.

J.Crew has some solid maternity options on sale right now. Use code SALEONSALE to get 40-50% off the items linked below. I found some great denim options AND even some denim shorts for those of you with dreamy spring break plans.

H&M Mama is another fun, more casual maternity line at a price point you can’t beat. I just focused on their sale items, but you can see the entire line here. OH and they have jackets – hallelujah!!! I am NOT going to spend more than $50 on a maternity jacket, I just won’t. I have three styles linked for you below and they are ALL under $40.

Nordstrom – Of course, they have it all. I love Topshop Maternity and the items on sale below are sure to please. Especially the black ripped skinny jeans. Why, do these appeal to me so much? I have no idea. Maybe it’s like a survival of the fittest thing. I know my kids will ruin them anyway, so I buy them destroyed so I feel less bad about it? Who knows.

Ok enough babbling – here are the goods!

Where do you guys shop for maternity clothes? What am I missing here?!

And because I can’t leave anyone out, here is a little gift for the non-pregant people (the people who look skinnier by the minute as the rest of us, well, you know…) Anywho – Anthropologie is running 40% off sale again. Items are selling out fast, but here are a few of my favorites!

The sun is shining. Positive thinking! Happy Thursday!



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