The Sunday Brief

January 17, 2016

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Happy long weekend everyone! What to do with the kids all day on Monday? What to do? Well, I’ll get to that later, but for now let’s focus on you. A long weekend always means a great sale, an extra opportunity for a delicious family dinner, and maybe a few extra minutes of me-time? That’s what this week’s Sunday Brief is chock full of so let’s get to it…

Eat // Last week on my dinner table we had Parmesan Crusted Pork with Cinnamon Roasted Butternut Squash, Veggie Loaded Turkey Burgers (recipe coming to the blog this week, but for now try this one!), and then my kid’s choice: Whole Foods spinach and feta chicken sausage (from the butcher counter) with fresh “green noodles” (from the pasta counter – they are really tri colored linguini tossed with garlic-y butter, a drizzle of olive oil, few shakes a salt, and parmesan cheese and secretly my favorite side dish IN the entire world), and sautéed spinach which shockingly my kids love. Speaking of Whole Foods, here are 7 easy ways to save money there.

I am blanking on what I made the other days (#pregnancybrain), but my neighbor made me this Kale and Quinoa Soup and it was AMAZING. My 2 year old ate 2 bowls. Got anything for me to try this week? Leave a comment pretty please!

Shop // MLK Day sales are in full effect.

Loft is running 40% off new styles and 60% off sale:

Anthro is running 40% of sale with code XTRA40

Banana Republic 40% of your purchase with code BR40

J.Crew is offering up to 70% off sale

Here is a sampling of the goods…..

Baby Names // My kids have been so helpful in helping us choose baby names (hahaNO). Top runners for boys are: Rudolph and Dixon, and if it’s a girl, they have their heart on “Sprinkles”. And yes, for short Dixon would be called “Dickie”…. And on that note, I’ll leave you all with some pregnancy humor.

Chapped // I got this lip balm as a gift and it is a-mazing! For a “save” version, that is great too you can make your own chapstick which, of course, my sister did. She even made cute little labels and gave us all a tube for Christmas (#marthaintraining). I’ve been alternating between the two because this time of year my mouth hates me. Anyone else?

Beauty Tip // Where are my dry shampoo lovers? My youngest sister pointed out to me that we are all using it wrong! Did you know it is most effective BEFORE you’re at the point where your hair needs it. Experts say to spray it on before bedtime so it absorbs all the oil overnight. This is my favorite “save” version, and and this is my favorite “splurge”.

MLK Day Fun // Looking for something to do on Monday? There are tons of family friendly/service oriented projects going on this weekend to honor Martin Luther King Jr. in the Philadelphia area.

Share the love // If you come across anything this week that is worth including in my next Sunday Brief, I would love to hear what you are reading/coveting/loving/doing etc….! Email me at [email protected] – THANKS!

That’s all I got.

Happy stay-in-yo-pjs-til-10 Day (or all day!)




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