Best Winter Gear for Kids (and cool moms!)

January 19, 2016

Ok so I did a little “research” in the event that it actually (now say this next word in a really super quiet whisper voice so as not to stir the weather gods).……s-n-o-w-s. Next to slathering sunscreen onto squirmy bodies, gearing up for a snowstorm might be one of my least favorite obligations as a mom. Actually scratch that, my least favorite is putting gloves on a toddler (I mean talk about torture) and my next least favorite is staring at the wet, salty towel that inhabits the entryway of our house who’s purpose is to collect the snow drippings but is really just a wretched eye sore and a reminder of endless hours of cabin fever. Why all the negativity? It’s not that I don’t like snow, I do (for about 5 minutes), it’s just that it can be a lot of…….work. But of course, the kids will want to play so I rounded up the best winter gear for kids. Below you will find the best of the best snow gear in terms of warmth and functionality.

Here goes:

best snow gear for kids

Mittens // These are the ultimate mittens! I prefer mittens for my kids because of the aforementioned torture of stuffing chubby fingers into finger slots in gloves. Plus, I think they are warmer. The long sleeve feature is GENIUS!! Not only does this keep the mittens on, but it keeps skin exposure at a minimum so serious snow adventures can be had.

Gloves // Here is the glove version of the mittens. Tomato/TomAto – whatever you prefer!

Trapper Hat // How warm does this look?

Over the Head Hat // Serious sledders take note. This baby isn’t flying off during top speed velocity.

Boots // Look no further – these are the boots you need to get your kids. We LOVE them. And because I can pass mine down to siblings, I didn’t mind paying a little extra.

Snow Pants // Just read the reviews. These are top rated and have extra padding and warmth in all the right places – the knees and the booty 🙂

Socks // The most overlooked layer. Frosty toes begone. Hello, wool.

Shovel // Kids are wired to be helpful. And shoveling the driveway is no exception!

Sled // Amazon says this one is the best.

Toddler Boggan // Top rated sled for the littlest snow bunnies. I love the long rope for toting them along.

And because someone has to watch these little buggers in all of their snow covered glory, we might as well stay warm too – looking cute is just an added bonus. Repeat after me: “I will not wear my husband’s warm up pants as snow pants this year. I realize that while lululemon is the god of athletic wear, yoga pants cannot be worn as snow pants. I will, I will (!!!), do myself a favor and just buy myself a freakin’ pair of snow pants.” This can’t be just me? Okayokayokay, this year I STILL might wear my husband’s warm-ups as snow pants because….. pregnancy, BUT for the rest of you, Target has an extremely reasonable pair with great ratings and, seriously, our bums deserve to be warm. Capiche? I’ve got two options laid out below. While both are equally “snow mama chic”, the outfit on the left is a bit more budget friendly, while the outfit on the right is for the ladies who really spend a lot of time in the cold weather, are planning on hitting the slopes, and/or just really think that outfit is cute. And, well, I must say, it is pretty cute.

best snow gear for moms

Save: Ear warmers // Jacket // Pants // Gloves // Boots

Splurge : Hat // Jacket // Pants // Gloves // Boots (same brand as the kids!)

Okay, you know how it goes. Now that we are all “ready” be ready for… well, you know… NOTHING!



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