It’s a……Baby!

January 20, 2016

OkayokayokayOKAY! I know. I left you all high and dry. I just haven’t had a chance to put this all on paper – or cyberspace or whatever this is. But first, I want to thank you all for your amazing feedback on my ultrasound gender reveal debacle. I loved hearing about all of your experiences and perspectives! The crazy thing about this whole gender reveal thing is that there is no right or wrong way about it – it’s preference and that is that. And for my previous pregnancies we’ve tried all the ways:

First pregnancy – Total surprise.

Second pregnancy – We had the doctor write down the gender and seal it in an envelope. I kept that envelope in my house for a WEEK and did not open it or hold it up to the light or any crazy business like that. Then, I mailed it to my sister who lived in Colorado at the time and she knew, but we didn’t. Again, essentially: total surprise.

Third pregnancy – Since this was my third baby, I decided that I wanted both experiences. To know and not to know. I didn’t want to find out in the ultrasound room so we had the tech write it down and we opened the envelope on Thanksgiving Day as a family. BOOM. Three boys… and 20 more weeks to wrap my head around that craziness.

So what to do with the 4th baby? Maybe I should do something completely different? A reveal party? Or no! Maybe IIIII would find out and not tell anyone? How crazy would that be?! But again… no. That’s too much pressure not to slip. Not sure if I could handle that. And what else is there? Find out right there in the room totally spur of the moment? Like a total shocker? And after reading all of your comments, I seriously considered doing that. Sidelining my husband (and or telling him to cover his ears) and be like, “Ok doc, lay to me straight! WHAT ARE WE HAVING?” Because that whole bonding with the baby in utero when you know the gender – that’s a real thing.

Ugh, but something was holding me back.

And so….. we did not find out.

Was this a whole buzz kill for you? I’m sorry if it was! But let me explain. I did some thinking. I needed an explanation for my own personal self as to why I didn’t want to know the gender when the facts of it were lingering right in front of my very eyes. Why didn’t I go for it? Well, the truth is, I was nervous about this ultrasound. We opted out of all of the early testing so the health of the baby was at the forefront of my mind. We have been so fortunate to have three perfectly healthy babies. Would we be so lucky again? I went in there just hoping for one thing – a scan with no surprises. No red flags. No looks of concern. I saw four chambers of the heart, kidneys, a tibia, a fibula, a very full bladder (oh wait, that was mine!), two eyes, a nose, lot’s of fingers and toes, some arteries and ventricles and other technical parts that are essential but confusing.. and at that point, that was all I needed to know.

The gender could wait, and if anything, not knowing will make the second half of this pregnancy filled with even more excitement and butterflies (and lots of delivery motivation) to finally meet this little boy or girl when he/she comes into the world.

gender reveal

My heart melts a little every time I look at that face. And so to me, this was a 20 week ultrasound for the win.

From prior experience, finding out the gender of your baby in the delivery room can be explained no other way than a life explosion. Or wait, maybe that’s not the right way to phrase it – it’s an explosion of life. Yes. That’s it. The whole giving birth process, seeing your baby for the first time, seeing that look (you know the one I’m talking about) on your husband’s face, then finally holding and meeting your boy or girl. It’s an explosion of life and maybe deep down, I didn’t want to miss out on any of those parts being that this is our last. No really… it is our last.

But because I couldn’t NOT ask, I stopped the ultrasound tech before she left the room, “Well, do you know what we are having?”

She smiled. Then laughed. And then she replied, “Well, all I’ll say is that it’s not a puppy.” And then she was gone…

So someone knows, it’s just not me. And I’m cool with that.



  • Dorothy Boucher
    January 20, 2016 at 11:10 pm

    What a great story to share, so glad I read and am looking forward to finding out but I can say from the ultra sound I believe you are carrying a girl 🙂 if I am wrong so be it but its my feeling on this…
    Either way’ Congrats!!

  • Natalie
    January 21, 2016 at 6:41 am

    I loved not knowing! Didn’t find out with any of them. It’s so exciting!!!

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