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Three Cheers for Athleisure!! (and a workout you only do once per week!)

February 2, 2016

Now here’s a trend we can all appreciate – and yes, it has something to do with wearing YOGA PANTS (insert applause and cartwheels by moms all over the world)! Because for a while there, wearing yoga pants while not doing yoga was getting a bad rap. But now this trend actually has a name – hello, athleisure. And yes, there is a tiny bit more to it than just wearing yoga pants, but it’s a formula that anyone can put off and it will up your not-doing-yoga-but-wearing-yoga-pants-anyway-mojo. And who better to showcase some athleisure than my sister, Liz, who is a mom of four AND a trainer. She lives the athleisure trend as she spends her days running between her kids and the gym. Yes, she has a valid excuse for those yoga pants all day everyday, but because of the nature of her job, she has perfected the art of owning the yoga pant – and that is what this look is all about.


Wearing: Pants // Sneaks // Vest // Sunglasses



Athleisure is essentially all about combining workout clothes and regular clothes. Or, taking workout clothes and combining them with something unexpected. In the photo above, the cardigan could easily be worn to work (it’s old Banana Republic) but somehow with work out pants…. it also works! (Similar sweater here – but WITH thumb holes!) Add in the cool sneaks, a baseball cap, then call Gigi Hadid (queen of athleisure) and tell her to WATCH OUT.

The formula is simple: (image is clickable)

Personally, and my middle sister will agree, we like to balance workout pants with a loose top so we aren’t tight on the bottom and tight on the top. It’s just too….. TIGHT! Are you with us? Whether you go for the oversized sweatshirt or a cascading cardi – the choice is yours. And you are eyeing up that cross button cardigan in the second image from the left, aren’t you? This cardigan was a HUGE topic of conversation on a local parenting Facebook page. Apparently they are all the rage! Women. Are. Obsessed. And personally I think they lend themselves perfectly to the athleisure vibe – slightly unexpected, but provides booty coverage, looks effortless and casual. Gym to Jules Thin Crust just like that. Because we all like to eat pizza after we work out right? Sorry, pregnant diversion.

Now, if only my sister can corral all of these kids into the car so she can get her work out on?


I’d say her workout is probably already complete, but yet, she will press on.

Liz is trainer of X-Force (and actually has a bunch of Motherchic readers as clients)! X Force is a unique weight training method (only available at ONE gym in the United States) because it requires the use of special machines. The machines, located at The Sporting Club of the Main Line in Ardmore, have a patented  “tilting weight stack” that allows for 40% heavier resistance on the negative (lowering) motion of the exercise. Basically, if you do a bicep curl, it is harder on on the way up, right? With the use of these machines, it is hard on the way up, but 40% harder on the way down too. Essentially you are getting more bang for your workout buck! This exercise is SO intense that it is only recommended that you use the machines once per week. Trust me, I’ve done X-Force and it is the ULTIMATE total body work out. And for busy moms, a once weekly workout (only 30 minutes) is sounding pretty good, isn’t it?

The arrows in the images below indicate the direction in which the additional resistance kicks in after the weight stack shifts.

x force

And for local readers, Liz is offering EVERYONE a free session! You might not be able to walk the next day, but there is something about X-Force that is addicting. Probably the fact that it changes your body twice as fast as other methods of resistance training. To get your Free Session, email Liz at [email protected], mention The Motherchic, and she will add you to the schedule. The first 5 people to email Liz will be automatically entered in a drawing to win 3 free sessions!

And 30 minutes later… we are onto the next activity.


And yes, the gym has babysitting 🙂

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Here’s a sampling:

And as always, we want to see your looks in action! Follow @themotherchic on Instagram and show us your #athleisure with hashtag #themotherchicstyle! (Don’t be shy!)

  • Jennifer@The Chronicles of Home
    February 2, 2016 at 5:36 pm

    Hi Lindsay – love the cheeky name of your blog and your concept here. I went to college with Liz and came here via her FB post today. Athleisure is my favorite 🙂 Wishing I still lived in Philly so I could try out that machine Liz trains on!!

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