Winter Date Night Outfit Solutions (Hint: Yes, You CAN Wear Big Sweaters)

February 8, 2016

Ah, Valentine’s Day. Good old Valentine’s Day. You’re either a Valentine’s Day person or your not, am I right? But whether you are or your not, your V-Day expectation needs to be clearly communicated to your other half. Because there was this one year, that I was a Valentine’s Day person, but my husband didn’t know I was a Valentine’s Day person and, well, let’s just say the day didn’t end well. (Important information to note: I was 7 months pregnant at the time, highly emotional, and could have possibly had skewed expectations for this sacred day of love.) But since that Valentine’s-Day-gone-wrong, we’re now on the same page (tip: if you haven’t had that talk with your Valentine, now is the time). We are the couple that acknowledges the holiday because it’s there, but we don’t go overboard. Like would I expect my husband to cover our living room in rose petals with a path leading to a package containing this….NO. I mean, I’d take it… But would this cute card with my favorite bottle of wine (or these days, bucket-o-ice cream) suffice? Yes. That’s the kind of Valentine’s Day people we are. And then there’s the pressure for the perfect Valentine’s Day date night. We aren’t much into that either, but it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t go on a date sometime in February. February, the heart of winter, could use a little excitement, a little break from the norm. But there’s something about date night’s in the winter that can get a little tricky. The getting out part to break up the winter doldrums is a must, but the figuring out what to wear when it’s bitterly cold out, that’s the part that can be tough. Winter date night outfit ideas?!!! And with that, I bring you….

Two goals for February:

  1. Go on a date.
  2. Figure out a way to spice up a sweater.

I’m calling cozy the new sexy. And yes, there is a way that you can take a big ole sweater to a 5 star restaurant in the city and still fit in. It’s all about the bottom half. Here is a formula for a foolproof winter date night outfit.

Simple on the top.


Spicy on the bottom.

valentine's day outfit

And whether you go bold with the faux leather leggings, or even your favorite pair of black skinny jeans, it’s all about pairing two high contrast colors with a pop of color.

valentine's day outfit

Wearing: Sweater // Leggings // Shoes // Bag // Necklace // Ring

And before I say anything more, can I just say that the sweater AND leggings combined were $40. If you haven’t considered Forever 21 since you’ve been, well 21, it’s time you reconsider. They have tons of great sweaters (most less than $25) and I’ve found that being pregnant, it’s much easier on the wallet to size up at Forever 21 than to buy “maternity sweaters” elsewhere. Maternity stores charge up the nose because they want you to think you have no other option, but that’s really not the case. And these leggings (not maternity – but surprisingly stretchy) from Nordstrom, and a wardrobe staple you will wear more than you think. With sneakers and oversized hoodie? You bet!

But back to this look – grab some chic, understated accessories….

valentines day outfit

….and then all you need is that lucky guy.

valentine's day outfit

Kidding. I think we know who the lucky one is here…

valentine's day outfit

Get The Look:

Save Version:


Splurge Version:


And don’t forget the bold lips:


Or the card 😉


Happy date night, everyone! Show us your winter date night outfit looks on instagram with #themotherchicstyle (and make sure to follow @themotherchic while you’re at it!)

And a huge thank you to Valley Forge Flowers for letting us shoot in their Wayne store. (Guys, if you are reading this, a stop in this store before next Sunday is probably a good idea.)

  • Tamara DeWire
    February 8, 2016 at 1:16 pm

    Such a fun post!! I wore faux leather leggings and a sweater on my blog today too, LOL. I totally agree that oversized sweaters look awesome when you spice them up with fancy leggings or pants and a bold shoe. The heels you chose were PERFECT. Btw, my husband and I are the same…nothing to extravagant.

  • Tiffani Johnston
    February 9, 2016 at 9:41 am

    Looooove this whole thing – the look is simple yet chic!!! And the lucky guy, so sweet!!!

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