Pregnancy Must-Haves

February 23, 2016

Whether you are pregnant, know someone who is pregnant, or are living with someone is pregnant, here are my pregnancy must-haves (that I’ve perfected the 4th time around) to make any mom-to-be a little happier and a little more comfortable. I use most of these on a daily basis and they are truly life changing products. Pregnancy is full of so many “can’t-haves”. I fully believe (shocker) that investing in a few things (that I’m going to deem “must-haves”) is money well spent to make your nine (or is it 10?) months a little more…..pleasant. Do we agree? (image below is clickable)

S’well Water Bottle // Am I the only one who is ALWAYS thirsty? But it doesn’t stop there – that drink better be ICE COLD. S’well bottles keep cold drinks cold for 24 hours.

Compression Socks // Unfortunate veins or not (and I’ve got bad ones), these keep the blood flowing and are essential for airplane travel or those who work on their feet. Yes, they are intended for runners, but pregnancy IS a marathon, no?

Mygrastick // When Tylenol just doesn’t cut it – a blend of peppermint and lavender essential oil to ease the many headaches that come with pregnancy.

Lemon Ginger Tea // My nightly wine replacement. Ginger helps soothe the digestive track which is all out of whack thanks to….. hormones!

Maternity/Nursing Hoodie // This I don’t have… YET! How genius? When I’m pregnant I just want to be cozy so the hoodie is an obvious must-have, but the fact that you can wear this postpartum and it’s nursing-friendly – wow. If you have ever tried to nurse in a sweatshirt, you’ll understand why this is revolutionary.

Brown Sugar Polish // For no other reason than to have a little pamper session every time you shower. Ok if you want more justification, the oils are super moisturizing for your expanding belly.

Maternity Pillow // Life changing sleep. (Your husband might get jealous… and then he will try to steal it)

Sunglasses // Hmm let me see – puffy eyes, skin discoloration, break outs, fatigue…. oh, and the fact that no matter how big the rest of your body gets, these will ALWAYS fit. Pregnancy is the perfect time to splurge on accessories – especially an oversized pair of shades. Loving J.Crew’s new collection.

Body Butter // This is a daily essential that you can slather on your growing bump to prevent stretch marks, but more importantly, it is mom and baby safe (made without all of those scary chemicals). Pretty much everything I put on my skin these days is Beautycounter for that reason alone. Want to know more? My friend Julia can hook you up. #switchtosafer (especially when you are expecting!)

Cool Kicks // Comfort is key. Okay okay, and so is feeling cute. These sneaks nailed both.

Maternity Leggings // I’ve tried every pair of maternity jeans on the planet. But in every pregnancy you get to that point where the only answer is leggings. These are my favorites.

Lucky Leg Gel // This stuff is heavenly. It’s cooling and refreshing and your legs deserve it for doing double duty.

And I had so much fun reading all of YOUR pregnancy must-haves in my little Facebook poll! You can see the full list here, but below are few ideas that I loved and will be trying:

Vitamin E Oil for stretch marks

Calm Magnesium for help sleeping

Gap Body Tanks for under EVERYTHING! (or just alone with an open cardigan)

Working out! (Walking, yoga, barre) – and I couldn’t agree more!

Belevation Band for belly support

A cup of coffee/occasional glass of wine

Stitch Fix (yes, they do maternity!)



Seriously, you guys rock! Thanks for your ideas!

Leave a comment with any pregnancy must-have that we might have missed!

  • Heather
    February 23, 2016 at 5:20 pm

    I would never have survived without the maternity pillow. I loved the GAP body tanks, too.

  • Sarah Hughes
    February 23, 2016 at 6:49 pm

    I could not sleep without my maternity pillow!!!!

  • Charlotte Sine
    March 8, 2016 at 4:11 am

    I can’t imagine my pregnancy journey without my maternity pillow! I heard that buddy butter helps reduce stretch marks and scars safely too.

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