Super Cool Birthday Gifts for Kids

March 4, 2016

Got a spring chicken on your hands? Or maybe just a million birthday parties on the calendar? Uncommon Goods, one of my favorite online places to find unique gifts, asked me to take a look at their gifts for kids. The verdict?  Blown away! If you’ve seen any of my other gift guides you know that I try to stay away from cartoon character-ish type gifts and tend to buy my kids toys that make them think, create, move, or imagine. The gift selection for kids at Uncommon Goods has all that and more. But what is “uncommon” about this company, you ask? Well for starters, their main focus is sustainability. They work with small manufacturers who make their products in a more socially and environmentally responsible manner by using recycled, organic, and handmade products whenever possible. Basically, they are “green” and then some and you can feel good about the products you are purchasing. Before I get to my picks, you can click here to see all of their gift for kids. They also have unique gifts to shower moms-to-be – you can click here to see those. And gifts for babies can be found on this page. Here are my top 12 super cool birthday gifts for kids……aaaand, they are all under $30 to boot.

cool birthday parties for kids

1. Color the Earth Kit – A lesson in geography + art project = FUN learning.

2. STEM Puzzle Set – 4 mini puzzles full of left-brained challenges to foster a love for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. Perfect gift for that science geek 😉

3. A-to-Z Magnetic Tablet – A super fun way to learn proper letter formation.

4. Body Doodles Game – I am totally getting this for my kids! We aren’t quite in the board game stage yet, but THIS we can handle. You pick a body part, then you pick an object, and yep you guessed it, your partner gets to draw that object on that body part with washable “tattoo” pens. What kid wouldn’t love this? Clearly my kids like to draw on themselves…

5. Ms. Food Face Plate – These we already have and they really do make mealtime THAT much more fun. Anything to get the kids to eat, right?

6. DIY String Art Kit – Use the push pins to create a design, then go at it wrapping the brightly colored string for a one-of-a-kind masterpiece.

7. Indestructible Nursery Rhyme Book Set – Yep, they are just what they sound like – chew-proof, drool-proof, totally baby/toddler proof set of classics stories.

8. Super Magnetic Putty – It’s like silly putty on steroids. Magnetized. One of those adults-love-it-even-more-than-the-kids kind of gifts.

9. USA Scratch Map – A fun keepsake to hang in a child’s room – scratch off all the states you’ve visited.

10. Free Play Magnetic Tablet – The perfect toy for travel and/or restaurants. Engaging. Imaginative…. and mess-less!

11. Flipbook Kits – For all the future cartoonists. This set comes with 4 books that you can color and also create your own.

12. Puzzle Sphere – A think-outside-the-box toy. This is NOT your average puzzle.

Okay, and with that I wish you all good luck with birthday party season. May your “drop off” parties be plentiful, and your post-party sugar highs be short-lived. Oh, and stay away from the blue icing.

A huge thank you to Uncommon Goods for sponsoring this post. Thank you for supporting the companies that partner with The Motherchic. 

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