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March 13, 2016

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All the cool moms are doing it // Yep. They are all “giving up” lukewarm coffee with this. Because we deserve better. This cup… is magical. Go nuts and get this to go with. Happy early Mother’s Day/Father’s Day to you!

Stinky Situation // We all know we are slathering chemicals all over our armpits, but what other option do we have? My mother in law sent me something to try and I have finally found a natural deodorant that I love – PiperWai! I haven’t been running so I can’t speak to it’s effectiveness for major sweat sessions, but for everyday… it works great!! And it gets better – Philly readers – the founders of the company are from Lower Merion and were on Shark Tank. Check them out here!

Testing Season // What are your thoughts on all the standardized test in school these days? As a teacher, they were the one thing I dreaded. I get them to some degree, but mostly, I don’t. Here is an interesting article on opting out.

That’s all I have to say about that // Is organic food worth it? Read this. Like I said, that’s all I have to say about that.

Kiddle It // That’s right. Don’t “google it”…. KIDDLE IT! I admit, it doesn’t roll off the tongue just yet, but give it time. Kiddle -it’s the new search engine for kids. Pretty cool stuff. Try to search “boobs” and see what happens. Dare ya.

Eat // A few rainy days ahead in the forecast will call for some of this. And I haven’t made this chicken and quinoa dish in a while so that’s coming to my house this week. I might also try these turkey lettuce wraps. For the kids, I’ll just serve over brown rice in a bowl to avoid a potential disaster. Who has a recipe for me to try? Leave a link in the comments!

Big Splash // Did you catch the annual Swim Guide that I put out this week for all of the lucky spring breakers? It will be updated as we get closer to summer so do yourself a favor and click here to pin it.

Shop // J.Crew – 30% off your purchase (including swim!)!! Need a bedroom refresh? West Elm is having a 30% off bedroom furniture event. Lots of transitional items on sale at Madewell with 30% off sale. And score a new pair of sandals at Urban Outfitters (lots of styles $39 and under and free shipping)

My picks:


And take care of “Easter Outfits” too – all 30% off now with code: TIMETOSHOP

Or how about all of this. Image is clickable:

Ok that’s all I’ve got!



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