The Sunday Brief – Spring Break Edition

March 20, 2016

Spring break… woo hoo! Ahh, ok iknowiknkow…. Spring break is not what it used to mean. For most of us, we are starting to hyperventilate thinking how we are going to entertain our kids all week without school. For those of you are somewhere warm – ENJOY (while the rest of us sit home and curse you… 😉) Those of you who are enjoying a nice long stay-cation home with the kids (points to herself) here are some things to help you make the most of your week.

things to do over spring break with kids

Nest with Me // Ok not that appealing and I totally should have started with something more fun, but hear me out. Where I live, it’s not that warm outside yet. I’m going to dedicate part of each day “spring cleaning” so when spring really decides to show up, I will be done will all of this stuff and can be outside to enjoy the sun. I have some MAJOR reorganizing to do before we welcome baby #4 into our 3 bedroom house! Yikes! We will “make it work” but I plan on spending a solid day purging. If you haven’t read this book, it totally helps. I also plan on tackling the tasks below this week.

  • Monday: Pantry and refrigerator cleanout
  • Tuesday: Redo your clothing drawers. The method below of rolling your clothes is life changing. You can see everything and actually allows for more space. I probably wouldn’t fold my kids’ drawers using this method because they are hurricanes, but I just did my drawers and my husband’s and it is a breath of fresh air!
  • how to roll clothes into drawerWednesday: The big winter-spring clothing swap out 2016 (dear husband, you and the kids are banned from the house during this tedious, but necessary process)
  • Thursday: Pick a closet – clean it out.
  • Friday: Sort through your kid’s toys. Toss, donate, rotate.
  • Saturday: Pick another closet – clean it out.
  • Sunday: Wash all of your shower curtains and bath mats

How to Make your Spring Break fun even if you’re staying home….

Make a fun, unexpected dinner…. or go out for burgers and shakes!

Venture into the  nearest city. Here are fun things to do in Philly,  NYC, New Jersey, Boston (can you tell where the bulk of my readers live?!)…. and for those of you on the other coast… things to do in LA and OC.

Visit a local factory. We might do chips or crayons.

See a movie.

Shake things up and go to a new playground. 

Go SWIMMING! Goldfish Swim School is awesome and totally kid-centric all the way to the Honest products in their showers. Find the location closest to you and hit up their open swim. It is MAX $15/family.

Enjoy not having to rush out of the door in the morning… just let your kids play at home!

Bake something ridiculously good.

Lay on the ground and create a masterpiece together.

Go to a sporting event at the closest college/university.

Get a babysitter and do something for yourself for 2 hours (nails, massage, walk the aisle of Target alone… whatever!)

What other ideas do you guys have? Let us know in the comments!

Ok and to end on a sunnier note since at SOME point the rest of us will hopefully be enjoying some beach/pool time, check out the recommendation below….

Suit Up // I love when YOU guys give me tips! One reader sent me an email regarding this swimsuit. She says, “A few years ago I started buying more expensive bathing suits and I can say that I do feel like I am getting a good value because they last for years.  One I bought still looks great after almost five years so I do think it makes sense sometimes to pay a little more for a suit.” And the cherry on top? She said that she was scared to try it on because she has been meaning to work out…. but when she put it on, and this is a direct quote….. “I was shocked. It was almost like I actually didn’t need to work out as much as I thought I did.” I can’t make that stuff up.

Have a great week, everyone!



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