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The CUTEST Maternity Graphic Tee (and the birds and the bees)

April 7, 2016

Last night before going to bed, I was sitting with the boys on our couch, my “big belly” as they so kindly refer to it, was on display for everyone to see – they were taking turns feeling the baby move. It’s an activity that always spurs, as you might imagine… questions. Lots of deep, crimson-cheek inducing questions. Last night they started off tame, actually quite thoughtful now that I think of it…

“Mom, does that baby in there ever bodder you when it moves around so much?”

Hmm, impressed with his touch of empathy, I paused before I answered, “Well, sometimes in the middle of the night the baby moves a lot and it’s hard to sleep, but mostly I like when they baby moves because it’s a sign that he/she is healthy and growing.”

But how does the baby grow?

But how does the baby get out when it is big enough?

But waiiiit a minute!!!! How did that baby even get inside of you??

Aaaaand, we all knew that one was coming (insert the crimson cheeks I was talking about).

With my previous pregnancies, these were questions I didn’t have to answer because my children were younger. But now that they are older and much more curious, my bumbling response includes something to the effect of…

Hmm, well you see, daddy puts a…. umm (oh god), let’s see….. well, you see, there is a seed. Yes! A seed. And this seed grows and grows in my belly turns into a baby. And then when the baby is big enough, daddy and I will go to the hospital and the doctor will help us get the baby out of my belly and now whooooo said they wanted dessert?

Ohhhh…. like that shirt?

That shirt?

Yeah that shirt you were wearing where the seed was growing?

Yes! YES! The shirt! Exactly like that shirt. (Oh, how I knew I loved that shirt).

I’ll have chocolate.


Yeah. You said it was time for dessert.

Oh. Right. Yes, let’s get on that right away.

Deep breath out. Baby making convo number #27 for the win!

But about that shirt….the cutest maternity graphic tee!

maternity graphic tee: discobelly maternity shirt

Shirt | Jeans (on sale for $29! Wearing with a bella band) | Booties (old)

maternity graphic tee: discobelly maternity shirt

maternity graphic tee: discobelly maternity shirt

maternity graphic tee: discobelly maternity shirt

maternity graphic tee: discobelly maternity shirt

maternity graphic tee: discobelly maternity shirt

Yep. I’m growing a baby just like that shirt.

Ok and NOW is when you send this post to all of your pregnant friends or just buy the shirt for them as gift! It is SUPER soft, extra long for growing bellies, seriously cute, …..AND it’s the answer to all of our kid’s tough questions.

Head over to the DISCOBELLY shop to check out this shirt (in many colors) and all of their maternity graphic tees. All of their shirts are original artwork and handmade in the USA (Boston to be exact!).

For reference, I am wearing a size small in the mint green. And only 8ish more weeks until I can swap this tee out for this sweet version 😉

Thank you to DISCOBELLY for sponsoring this post and for simultaneously making my discussions about the birds and the bees THAT much easier. I wish I knew about your shop three pregnancies ago! To all my readers, thank you for supporting the businesses that believe in this blog. Shop small! 

Photography by Alison Cornell.

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