The Motherchic Swimsuit Guide 2016

May 17, 2016

Memorial Day is just around the corner! Everyone all cover their eyes and scream at once “Ahh! bathing suits! No!” (kidding, don’t do that). I’m here to help! No matter what your body type is, getting a new suit can be a daunting task. I get that. I will be, oh, about 3 days post partum before my kids are geared up and ready to hit the pool. For women in their childbearing years, our bodies are constantly changing which makes swimwear shopping a little scary and a little overwhelming. We’ve all got our insecurities and problem spots, but the swimsuit game is SO good this year, I guarantee I have something below that you can rock with confidence. So what’s “in” for swimwear in 2016, you ask? Top trends include high-neck tops, sporty/surfer girl chic (rash guards and long sleeved suits), cut-out and keyholes, monokinis (but sorry, I just can’t go there), high-waisted bottoms (cute, but hard to pull off), strappy details, shoulder action, and plunging necklines. I’ve scoured what seems like the entire bathing suit industry and have curated a collection of suits below that are on-trend yet still classic so that you’ll wear them year after year. Why? Well, suits these days are NOT cheap! I did my best to include suits at all price points. Some of the less expensive suits are equally easy on the eye, but might be lacking in quality of material. I’d go for the less expensive suit if you want to try out a trend, but don’t want to commit……hundreds(!!). Whatever you go with – rock it!

The Motherchic Swimsuit Guide 2016

swimsuit guide for moms, swimwear 2016

The Classics:

Let’s start with the silhouettes that never go out of style. These suits are all classic and timeless, yet modern and uber flattering.

The Print Shop:

Prints are great because not only are many of them gorgeous, but they divert the eye, cover up problem areas, and some even create the illusion of a cinchier waist line.

High Neck Halters:

Yes, tan lines may be an issue, but I am loving this sporty trend. For moms who hit the pool/beach with kids, wearing one of these majorly reduces your risk of your child “accidentally” exposing you 😉 Dive through waves, hit the boogie boards all without fear. Oh, and this cut lends itself to major shoulder accentuation!

Strappy Fun and Cut-outs:

So maybe you aren’t a bikini girl, but that doesn’t mean you can’t play peek-a-boo. I love cut out suits because they show just the right amount of skin. Raise your hand if you have a weird belly button or a linea negra from pregnancy that just won’t go away?! (Mine is raised)… Meet your new best friends…

Tankini Love:

Who said tankini’s are “mom-ish”??! Am I wrong or are these suits pretty hot?

Bikini Bests:

These suits speak for themselves. Nothing too crazy or uber sexy… all of these two pieces are juuuuuust right. Girl next door, right, that is 😉

Do a Double Takers:

These eye catching suits are sure to turn heads. Tropical vacation sans kids on the calendar? You need one of these.


For those of you who are so lucky to be pregnant in the summer (no really, have you ever swam pregnant…. it feels amazing!) these suits are bumpilicious.

Swim Steals (all under $60)

If a $200+ suit isn’t in your budget that doesn’t mean you can’t still look amazing? These “knock offs” are so good. So good that you just might need two….(most are less than $40!)

Rash Guards

Whether you are boating, boarding, surfing or maybe you just like that extra SPF, rash guards are back and these are pretty irresistible.

Cover It Up:

Equally as important as the suit, right? Because sometimes, these babies never even come off!

Here is a peek at some of the staple swimsuits I’ve been wearing this past year as my body has gone through changes due to pregnancy.

best swimsuits for moms, swimwear 2016

Left to Right:

Ruffle Halter Maillot: I am convinced everyone and their mother needs this suit. It is classic and flattering. The wrap waist wittles the middle and the ruffles either hide what you don’t have up top, or accentuate what you do. There are no cups in this suit, but there is a little lined pocket which I slide liners from an old bathing suit inside for a little more “cold” coverage. This suit is nursing friendly and probably the suit I will live in this summer with my postpartum body. Comes in several colors and prints. Those who bought this last year… chime in!!

Mossimo Crochet High Neck Bikini: Pre- baby bump, this was one of my favorite suits last summer. They have it back this year in an all white version (the one I am wearing is slightly peach) but I think I like the new one even better. It’s the perfect mix of sporty yet feminine, and yes, you can jump waves with your kids without fear that your top will fall down. At $40 for the entire suit, can’t beat it!

Urban Outfitters High Neck Print Bikini: I decided that since this is my last pregnancy, I should let the belly hang out during swim suit season. Why not, right? I knew I wasn’t going to be pregnant for the summer months, but I did visit Florida earlier this winter. I paired this high neck top (because if you aren’t used to having boobs, when you actually do have them thanks to pregnancy, you aren’t really sure what to do with them!) with a flowy pair of beach pants. I have horrible varicose veins in my legs, but these pants provided enough breeze that I wasn’t sweating to death, but could also wear compression sleeves on my lower legs. Hot, right?

What suits do you love? Any personal favorites that I need to add to this post? Please leave a comment or email me at [email protected]!! 

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the best swimsuits for moms, swimwear 2016

Happy (almost) Summer! Pray for…. sun?!




  • andrea
    May 18, 2016 at 10:15 am

    So many gorgeous suits. Thank you for such a great selection. 🙂

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