What to Buy Your Husband At the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

August 4, 2016

My husband and I are approaching our 10 year wedding anniversary next week. 10 YEARS! And we haven’t aged a bit, right? I blame my kids for that, but anyway, I always struggle with buying him gifts because he is one of those guys who says he doesn’t need anything. To be honest, we will probably just go out for a nice dinner since those plans of a big 10 year anniversary trip are seeming a little less practical because, well, um, does anyone wanna watch our 4 kids??? Anyone? (Mom?…) Even though he says not to buy him anything, I would like to give him a little something so I asked my sister Abby for help. She scoured the men’s section of the #NSALE because we all know guys tend to keep things if they know we got it on sale. True? Here is Abby’s edit and her suggestions for what to buy your husband at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. 

Hi Guys! I don’t know about you, but my husband’s wardrobe is minimal: tshirts, work shirts, work pants, jeans, and quarter zips. It is pretty easy to re-stock/refresh these basics especially with the #nsale. I threw in some other options to add some #flair to his wardrobe.

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Vest: Peter Millar is a brand we both can agree on. It carries classic silhouettes and is made of really high quality and construction details. This vest is a nice add on to make an outfit look more put together.

Gingham shirt: I am a sucker for a gingham shirt. This option comes in a few color options and the no iron fabric is a win/win.

Quarter Zip: My husband LIVES in quarter zips. I can already see him raking the leaves in this one.

AG Jeans: Not sure if I can actually get my husband to wear these “designer” jeans, but they are a bit more forgiving in the fit.

Liner Socks: Personally, I only wear liner socks because I don’t like my socks to show especially when wearing booties. So I figured my husband may also benefit from a little added support when wearing loafers or low cut sneakers.

Floral Check Shirt: Secretly I would love to see my husband in a slightly hipster outfit. This slim fit shirt is the perfect balance of hipster meets preppy. The pattern is floral, but from far away looks like a check.

Sweater Quarter Zip: Again with the quarter zips. He will literally wear this EVERYWHERE.

Black Sneaker: I like a non-descript sneaker and this Nike pair is perfect balance of style and performance.

Watch: I have been recently noticing watches more on men and my husband is constantly sending me links of expensive watches #Rolex. I love that this watch feels a bit more casual with the blue face and brown leather band and you really can’t beat the price.

Wallet: I strongly dislike the weird rectangular bulge in the back pocket on men. Similar to my husband strongly disliking giant handbags where items are in constant state of #MIA. This is me hoping that if we went out to dinner he could take only what was needed into this slim card holder.

Loafer: Splurge item, but these truly stand the test of time. My brother in-law (Lindsey’s husband) has been wearing the same pair for 8 years. A beautiful, classic shoe. Sidenote for locals: Rossi’s shoe repair in Ardmore is great for leather shoe “tune ups”!

Crewneck Sweatshirt: One more add on, this $25 dollar sweatshirt is a step up from his old, ratty college sweatshirts. It’s cool and simple.

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Huge thanks to Abby for her #nsale men’s sale picks! I mean, I had no problem buying this or these for myself, but when it comes to the big guys…. I’m a little lost. Probably something I need to pay more attention to being that I have 4 boys, but someday I’ll be an expert.

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