Home Sweet Home

August 5, 2016

Recently I did an interview for a local home blogger where she toured my home and asked me a bunch of fun home related questions (you can see the full interview here). It got me thinking about “home” and what home means to me. And when I really think about it, I want my home to be a place where I open the front door and think to myself, “Ahhhh. Home. I really like this place”. Which might be why I force my kids to clean their toys before we leave to go anywhere so when we come back home, I can say “ahhhh” and not “argh”. I like my counter tops to always be clean and free of clutter, the pillows arranged nicely on the couch, the throw blanket just so, the beds made and vacuum lines are always a bonus. And yes, all of this is a pipe dream in a house with 4 boys. Make that 5 if you include my husband (the messiest of the bunch). But it doesn’t mean I will stop trying. Basically, the messier my kids are, the more neat-freakish I become. No really, I fold that throw blanket pictured below at least 47 times per day. However, with creative solutions for storage, soft (cleanable) fabrics, and a little open-mindedness (a wall of kid art has nothing on “real art” that you actually pay for), I’ve found that a styled home and lots of kids can, in fact, coexist.

home sweet home

And little known fact, the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale has a “Home” section, so I went through and picked a few pieces that I would put in my own home and fit the kid-friendly/happy mama criteria.

*Image below is clickable

Cozy Throw: My kids fight over these. So cozy! And the best part? Machine washable.

Pouf: Give me anything that my kids can’t bang their heads on.

Candle trio: Ignore the mess. Let’s focus on how GOOD my home smells, shall we?

Basket: An easy-on-the-eyes way to store toys.

Pillow: The best way to add color. Happy colors.

Framed heart print: Love this for a nursery or kid’s room.

Rug: Because it’s Dash and Albert and grey goes with everything.

Serving Board: A great gift. Or a pretty little thing to hang in your kitchen.

Stemless flutes: Because we all need to celebrate more. I’m obsessed with these.


And because who would we be to pass up a good monogram, Abby rounded up some fun picks!

Monogram pouch: Gift for your hard to shop for nephew who is off to college. Instead of getting his name get the letter of this college.

State stemless glasses: Because home is where the wine is… Or I mean heart.

Turkish throw: Understated and classic, perfect gift for newlyweds.

Bottle opener: Hands free versatility, or because I can never find a bottle opener.

Light up letter: Love this as an alternative to a night light in a kids room.

What are you guys loving from the home sale? Let us know your good finds!


  • Dee
    August 5, 2016 at 12:33 pm

    I love all your ideas!

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