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The Un-Diaper Bag – Meet Lily Jade

August 25, 2016

Well, I was out of the diaper bag phase for a hot 5 minutes (ok make that like 6 months), but with a new baby on board I am back in it. But here’s the thing: I don’t have all babies now. I’m not in that envelop-me-in-all-things-baby phase including the ginormous, quilted “I-have-87-pockets-and-a-built-in-wipe-warmer” diaper bag. No. NO! I just want a bag that holds a few diapers (and the 87 varietals of snacks that I need for my older kids) and I just want it to look like a bag. Not like a diaper bag. Just like a regular person bag that happens to have a slew of kids. And some diaper bags out there are soooooo diaper bag-ish. And I thought I was just going to have to suck it up (insert tail between legs as I start dusting the goldfish crumbs out of my diaper bag of yesteryear) until I met “The Madeline” by Lily Jade. Try to tell me this looks like a diaper bag.

lily jade diaper bag

I saw this bag on instagram and immediately emailed the people at Lily Jade and was like “Whoah. Ok. I am about to have my 4th baby and I need to get this diaper bag thing right the last time around. And I think your bag might be it. And then I need to share your bag with my readers.” And they were like, “Whoah. Yes you do. Take your pick.” And it was then that I fell in love with the Madeline in Brandy. Maybe it is the fact that it can be worn three ways: over the shoulder, cross body or as a backpack. Or maybe it was the fact that it is made of beautiful soft leather and it makes me feel like a mom with half an ounce of style.

lily jade diaper bag in madeline

It’s got all the elements of “regular bag” on the outside…

lily jade diaper bag

….and all the elements of “sleep deprived mom of a new baby” on the inside (not 87 pockets, but close!)

lily jade diaper bag

And I love the fact that the red organizer is removable so the bag can grow with you as your baby needs less “stuff”.

lily jade diaper bag

Before I had my baby, I used the bag without the insert as a regular bag (well, the bag to hold my wallet and the 87 snacks for my kids. Oh and lipstick. I always have at least 5 in my bag.) What else is in there now you ask? Let’s see….

lily jade diaper bag insert

Lightweight blanket, changing pad (included with purchase of bag), diapers, wipes, nursing cover, burb clothes, paci (WubbaNub), extra onsies (for the baby…not me), diaper balm, baby toy, teether, wallet, granola bars (because nursing hunger is REAL), sunscreen, sunhat, lipstick, supplement formula (incase something happens to me or my boobs)…. and I think that’s it!

lily jade diaper bag

I wear the bag as a backpack when I am with my kids so I can be hands-free…

lily jade diaper bag

…and either over-the-shoulder or cross body when I am alone and on the go. I love that I don’t have to switch bags because the diaper bag-ness of this bag is super incognito.

lily jade diaper bag

And if leather isn’t your thing, the Madeline comes in several shades of canvas as well. You can check out all Lily Jade bags here! And great news – most of the bags are marked down right including the Madeline.Whether you are in the mark for a new diaper bag or looking for a great gift for a friend who is expecting, now is a great time to buy!

Lily Jade is a small company owned by (you guessed it!)… a mom! A mom who had a mission to create a diaper bag that is functional enough to get you through the childrearing years, and beautiful enough to be a forever bag….because once it’s a part of those memorable diaper bag days, you aren’t ever going to want to get rid of it.

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