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Favorite Newborn Products

September 19, 2016

I’m just going to come right out and say it (as we all do): “I can’t believe how fast my baby is growing up!” It is so true though. It seems like just yesterday that we had a pint-sized newborn snuggled up on our chest, and now he’s like a full blown coo-ing, smiling, almost-sleeping-through-the-night baby.

favorite newborn products, baby gear, 0-3 months

In true new mom fashion, the last three months have been a blur, but good news you guys, apparently you get used to functioning on minimal sleep. But fact #2, people will look at you funny when you walk into a store wearing sunglasses. No, I am not trying to be Kim Kardashian, it’s just that there are no eye creams that can solve the problems of the sleep deprived moms of the world. But that’s not what I’m here to talk about today. I’m here to talk about baby stuff. I find that the more kids I have the less crap I need. Like a diaper genie? NO! Who’s got time to empty yet another trash can? Wrap those diapers in one of these, and toss in it with everything else. I’ve rounded up my favorite newborn products (as in, can’t live without), to get you through the first 3 months and beyond. These are items that I use on a daily basis and are well worth the money spent.

Favorite Newborn Products:

newborn essentials, baby gear, 0-3 months

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  1. Rock n Play // I never had one of these with my other kids. I spent my nights rolling blankets and shoving them underneath the bassinet mattress so they baby could sleep on a slight incline. NO MORE! This is designed so the baby’s head is slightly elevated and it rocks automatically. Return those expensive bassinets. This product is amazing. My new baby slept through the night at 7 weeks. Coincidence? I think not.
  2. Avent Bottles // Although I exclusively breastfeed my babies, it is important that your baby learns how to take a bottle. Most doctors recommend that they take a bottle sometime after the first three weeks. I have tried every bottle under the sun and these are my favorite. There are only two pieces to clean as opposed to 4-5 parts with other brands. These are are another favorite.
  3. Aiden and Anais Blankets // These blankets are gold! They are super lightweight and large enough to double up for extra warmth. They also double as a nursing cover; just stick one corner under your bra strap and drape the blanket over the baby. These make great gifts as well!
  4. Ergo Carrier // Infants love nothing more than to be curled up close to their mama. If you have a colicky baby, this carrier is a lifesaver. I also love the Bjorn for when they are older and can face outward. Ergos do grow with your child, however, and you can eventually use them to carry on your back through the toddler years. And speaking of carriers – this wrap is great, but I found I only used it the first 2 months.
  5. Bouncy Seat // True story: I have the Mama Roo and my baby hates it. What does he prefer instead? This no-frills bouncy seat. Save your money! It does the job and takes up a lot less space in my house.
  6. Bugaboo Stroller // I wish every day that I bought this stroller for my first. It is super easy to set up and maneuver and it comes in two pieces so you can easily pop the top portion off for easy storage in your trunk. It is another product that grows with your baby – using the same frame you can interchange the bassinet with a regular seat. The large canopy completely protects your baby from sun and it also comes with a rain guard. And not most importantly, but an added bonus – it is truly a gorgeous stroller!
  7. Bath Insert // Again, I’ve tried out a LOT of bath tubs over the years and this is the clear winner. Just stick it in the tub and add a few inches of water. This tub has more support than others so you can put shampoo in your hand without worrying that your baby will slip around.
  8. Wubbanub Pacifier // I have never had a baby that took a paci until now! And I used to think these paci’s were weird with that animal hanging off the back, but it turns out there is a purpose for that. If you lay the animal on your baby’s chest, it keeps the paci in his/her mouth. Buy a few for back up!
  9. 3-in-1 Cover // This is another favorite product! It is super soft and provides 360 coverage when nursing. It can also be used as a carseat cover and grocery cart cover.

What are your favorite newborn products that you can’t live without? Leave a comment with your must-haves!

You can shop these and my other favorite newborn products below:

Photograph by Alison Cornell of the Photography Co-op

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