The Sunday Brief

October 2, 2016


Ok first thing’s first. My resident editor (a.k.a proofreader), thinks real headings would be more readable on my Sunday Brief. That being said, he missed the fact that I called the outfit in my last post “monotone” instead of “monochrome” (we don’t sleep much around here – and don’t worry, I fixed it), but I’ll let you guys be the judge. This way or the old way? Sound off.

WSHW (What Should Hillary Wear)

Like I said last week, we don’t like to get political around here but it’s debate season, and whats more important than looking good when you’re in front of the entire country (Ok, maybe the election itself…), but Hillary – if you’re reading this (ha), you looked stunning in your red pants suit (read my recent post on monochrome), but maybe try “taking it to the people” and wearing this top with these jeans with this neck scarf (because you can afford it) and these slides at the next debate. It’s all about being approachable, right?

Ellen For President

As you know I love Ellen Degeneres’ new footwear line. To keep the election theme going, I noticed that Ellen has 35.2 MILLION followers on Instagram (and her shoe people regrammed my picture this week!!), but I’m wondering, if Ellen ran for president, would she win? I can totally see her and her VP Bieber negotiating peace treaties and otherwise de-escalating global conflict. What do you think, Ellen – are you in?

Have Your Cake…

… and eat it too. Well, sort of. These booties are back and fully stocked in “Brindle”. The catch? They are on backorder until the beginning of November. I have them and would say they are worth the wait. True to size. Super comfortable. If you can’t wait, I also love these.

Philly Local: Biga and Tired Hands get Married

For the Philly local crew, big news on the food front. If you love craft beer and what I claim to be the best pizza around, you’ll love this – BIGA in Bryn Mawr (just about our favorite restaurant these days) is now serving Tired Hands on draft – is there a better match made in heaven?

In Case You Were Wondering: Donut Walls are OUT

I found this article to be hilarious on wedding trends that need to go somewhere.

Worst Nightmare

Ok exaggeration, but it is a real thing that people are developing an allergy to (gasp) wine! I’m no doctor but apparently it has something to do with the sulfites. Could this contraption help??

Workout? What Workout?

Filed under: who’s got time for that? Someday, fellow moms, we will get back into a regular workout routine. We might be 53, but it’s okay. Here is a reminder that you are not alone.

Get In My Belly

Three ingredient dinners, anyone? An apple-y dessert worth making (on repeat). A twenty minute black bean burger. What are you guys eating that I should be eating?


Come October 31st I’m always like. Crap. I have nothing orange to wear. Here are some “cool mom” Halloween tops on my radar.

The Changing of the Guard

… or of the clothes. I think we can all agree that swapping out clothes for yourself and your kids is like an entire weekend of a job. Find something for your husband to do with your kids (this website is good for that). Hunker down. Get rid of stuff (here are all of the things I am parting with), and make room for new seasonal essentials. I’ve got a running list here (all on markdown) and here (all just awesome). And you can shop more specifically in my SHOP’s drop down menus:


Let’s Try This Again

Gotta love technology, right? Last week I tried to giveaway a Premium Family Pass ($150 value) to the A Child Grows Baby & Family Expo on Sunday, October 16th from 11-3:30 at the Philadelphia Marriott… but my giveaway software suddenly stopped working. If you entered, I’m sorry! Let’s try this again, keeping it simple. If you want to check out this awesome event, leave a comment telling me you want to go! Or tell me whatever you want to tell me. Basically, if you leave a comment, you will be entered to win and I’ll announce the winner on Friday. Does that sound good?

  • Premium Family Pass Giveaway includes: Admission for 2 adults plus all children, 10 raffle tickets (Bugaboo is giving away a stroller!), LOTS of samples & savings from Expo sponsors valued at $100+, full size products and more!

Ok, that’s all I’ve got!

Have a great Sunday.



  • Brittany
    October 2, 2016 at 7:36 am

    Ahh, I’ve been waiting all week to re-enter the giveaway! I just had a baby and this would be the most awesome event to attend!! Pick me, pick me 🙂

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