The Sunday Brief (10/16)

October 16, 2016


How Was Your Day? // Bueller’s all around? Recently I started using Tiffin Talk – cards that spark conversation between you and your kids. It’s amazing how a question like, “Do you know what a janitor does?” can turn into an entire conversation about who ate what at lunch and what job your kid wants to have when he/she grows up. Love that a local mom from Media launched this business. Click on “For Parents” to check out the sets for various ages.

Finally! // Did you guys see J.Crew’s new fitness line? So. Good. I may or may not have been first in line.

NO BREAD!!! // Odd Mom Out fans will get that reference 😉 Anywho, whether you gluten yourself up or not, this was an interesting read.

It’s an Anthro World // No really. Did you see the new Anthropologie and Co. store in King of Prussia? It is beyond. Be-yond. And speaking of, they are having a big sale this weekend – 30% off full price tops,  20% off bottoms, and 15% off dresses. My top picks right here:

Say Cheese // Easy photo editor right here. You can save your “recipes” to use over and over on the same images.

Slow Cook Season // These were on the menu last week. A hit all around.

I Heart Ina // Simple (enough) apps for all your game day/holiday needs.

Jacket of the Season // Two words: The Bomber

Eyebrows on Fleek // You need this stuff. Have it. Love it. Easy to use. All the rage. The end.

What the? // I know. I hardly know what “on fleek” means either. This might help (especially if you have teenagers)….

Have a wonderful Sunday!



P.S. I went out past midnight last night. Like 12:01. #momsgonewild #needamorningbabysitter

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