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Your Guide: Family Photo Outfit Ideas

October 19, 2016

With holiday season around the corner, we thought it would be helpful to put together a guide of family photo outfit ideas. Abby has created six different mood boards to suit the personality of various families. Whether you are actually taking a family photo or just like to look cohesive (but not matchy-matchy) for any of your holiday affairs, this post is a great starting point. A simple click on the images within the mood board will bring you directly to the shopping link. If something is not linked that you are interested in, just leave a comment and we will send it to you. Abby has also included “look books” with ideas for mom and dad. Click through to find something for yourselves! The holidays will be here before we know it…

Also worth noting: Several stores have created “holiday photo” boutiques to make everyone’s life a million times easier. GAP has a new featured boutique for photo outfit ideas for girls, boys, baby/toddler as does H&M (a great price point for adorable clothes if you’ve never shopped there before.) Nordstrom also has a special occasion shop with gorgeous, festive attire. Crew Cuts also has holiday photo inspired boutiques for girls and boys.

Let us know what you are loving! Oh, and if you are pregnant, and stressing about what to wear this holiday season. Stay tuned. That post is coming soon 😉

Keep it Primary

Primary colors that is: Red, blue, and yellow. This classic combination is both optimistic and festive. You don’t need to rely on textures or pattern matching, just let the colors do the talking and your beautiful smiling faces. Quick Tip: Yellows are hard to match, try to keep the yellow to a minimum. On the other hand, shades of blue will always come together, so don’t worry about adding too many.

Ideas for parents:


Pattern Play

Every child is unique and this should always be celebrated. Each of this patterns lets the child express themselves. Try to keep the scales different to balance the photo. A big plaid check will pair perfectly with a thin stripe. A graphic sweatshirt will shine amongst camo layers. Ground the patterns in denim or khaki bottoms. Add some pop colors with accessories to keep the picture fun and playful.

Ideas for parents:


I’ve Got the Blues

The khaki and blue combination is tried and true when it comes to holiday cards. The look is timeless and serene. Pump up the volume by adding unexpected textures like a tulle skirt, fuzzy hat or faux fur vest.

Ideas for parents:


Black and White

This is another classic combination, but can sometimes come off as very serious. Have fun with patterns and textures to really make the picture pop.

Ideas for parents:


All Dressed Up and Nowhere to Go!

Sometimes you just have to put on your Sunday best. Why not go all out with a velvet suit and gold accessories? This takes dressing up to a whole new level.

Ideas for parents:


Have Their Cake and Eat it Too

After all, kids are kids, so let them wear what they want. Try the one for me, one for you method. If they want to wear their batman sweatshirt, top it off with a bomber jacket. If they refuse to put on real pants, go for the hipster chic look with a blazer. If they want to wear their favorite star denim jeans, layer on a sequin jacket for a full on glam look.

Ideas for parents:

Which look is your favorite? If you need more personalized suggestions don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Leave a comment or email us a [email protected]. Locals, if you are a fan of the pretty pictures on this blog, be sure to reach out to The Photography Co-op to book a holiday photo session!

Be sure to Pin the image below for reference later:

family photo outfit ideas

We know that dressing kids for holiday photos can be time consuming and stressful – let alone getting all  of the kids to smile! If you found this post helpful, definitely share the love!

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