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Reader Style Crush: Bohemian Chic

October 20, 2016

There isn’t much that doesn’t look great on this next featured fashionista. Her contagious smile helps (just wait until you see it), but Tracey has a knack for style and is featuring, not one, but two “bohemian chic” looks for fall. But first, who is this vibrant lady? Tracey and I go back to high school – she was one of those girls that every body was friends with. Same applies today. Every one knows Tracey. And if you didn’t, well then now you do! Let’s see, what else? She is one of my most favorite people to follow on Pinterest. She is about to get married (like days away!)…. I will literally be waiting by my computer to see the photos. It is going to be epic. Tracey also has what I think is one of the coolest jobs in all of the land. She is a labor and delivery nurse and, if you are local she might have even delivered one of your babies at Chester County Hospital! How cool must it be to experience a new life coming into the world? Obviously, there is much more involved (I would give my left arm to the L&D nurses who worked with me when I was delivering), but talk about a rewarding profession. Maybe in my next life…. Anyway, while she wears scrubs by day (or by night depending on the shift) Tracey certainly rocks her “off the clock” style.
anthropology dress, bohemian style

How would you describe your style in 2 words? Bohemian chic French influence (is that two words?? ha!)

anthropology dress, bohemian style

DressEarrings | OTK Boots |Necklace (a gift from her sister with her wedding date engraved <3) | Monogram Necklace

You are about to get married – tell us, how hard was it to find THE DRESS?
Hahaha I have to laugh at this one! THE DRESS was the most important piece of planning my wedding. I LOVE fashion, live, eat, and breath it so the dress was critical to me! I’m not going to lie, I may have bought a couple (gulp) to finally decide on the one that I am going to wear for the big day! It just had to be right!

anthropology dress, bohemian style

If you had 30 minutes to yourself, what would you do? With my schedule if I have 30 mins to myself typically I will be doing one of three things! Catching some quick zzz’s with a nap, getting my workout on at my two new spots that I go back and forth between Orange Theory or title boxing, or getting a massage at Ame in Wayne or a facial at Zsuzanna’s – my two favorite indulgences to pamper myself with!

What do you love best about being a nurse? I feel like I have the best job in the world. I get to be there in the moment sharing the most precious memory that a couple will have together. All the emotion flowing in the room when a couple is meeting their child for the first time, there is nothing else like it in the world, and I got to help make that happen. It’s a pretty cool feeling!

anthropologie lace top, bohemian style

anthropologie lace top, bohemian style

Lace Top | Scarf | Jeans | Booties

What splurge item is on your Christmas list? Hmm whats on my splurge list this year?? I have my eye on a new watch (classic Hermes leather band) or a great pair of Christian Louboutin’s.

What beauty secret do you swear by? I do swear by facials because I am the worst at maintaining my own skin so why not have a professional help you! But I think one of the best things ever is Trish McEvoy’s Instant Eye Lift. It is truly GAME CHANGING!! I don’t sleep much with my job, life, schedule…but you would NEVER know!! This stuff is gold!

Frye Booties, bohemian style

Most worn item in your closet? Right now probably my Rag and Bone jean shorts. They are just amazing staples and I live in ripped jeans – white/blue you name it. Love them all and this brand is so soft. I wear them all summer and have been starting to wear them transitioning to fall with booties or a cardigan and layering. Def worth the splurge!

anthropologie lace top, bohemian style

Get Tracey’s Look:

Tracey, thank you for being a part of this feature! Beautiful inside and out and congrats on your upcoming wedding <3 You just might have to come back for a bridal feature 😉 xx

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