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It’s Holiday Greeting Card Time…. (And a MINTED Giveaway)

November 7, 2016

There are two things in this world that I really, really sincerely hope do not get replaced by technology, 1) the hand written thank you note (of which, confession, I have several to write myself), and 2) holiday greeting cards (ones that actually get sent in the mail). My kids and I LOVE getting the mail in November and December. Seeing the smiles of all our favorite people in a beautiful greeting card truly adds to the season’s cheer.

Typically I get a piece of festive string and a set of cute little clothespins, and clip the cards across our big kitchen window. So before you think to yourself, eh holiday cards, are they still a thing? The answer is YES! They are still a very very relevant thing and my kids can sit and eat dinner and point at all of their favorite friends on our clothesline display and I can watch them and smile too (and eat in peace). So for that, I thank you.

Minted is always my go-to for holiday greeting cards and they asked me to take a look at their collection for the upcoming season. The quality of their cards is always top-notch and they have so many beautiful, customizable designs. They make for the perfect keepsake. Be sure to enter the giveaway at the end of the post!

Here are a few designs I played around with:

Glitter is Gold:
I have never done an ornamant card before, but I love this idea. How cool would it be to collect these year after year until your tree is full with your family’s photos. I’m bummed I didn’t think of this idea sooner!
minted holiday greeting ornament card
Minimalist Modern Cheer:
Simple and modern. This design lets the photo do the talking.
Minted holiday greeting card joyful
Cheeky and Bright:
I love using candid photos for holiday cards! You can even customize the words on this card – maybe it should say, “May your days be filled with PEACE”…….or, “Peace is over-rated” 😉
may your days be merry minted holiday greeting card
Birth Announcement + Holiday Card (the good ol’ two-for-one):
Oh poor 4th child. I never did a birth announcement for this little guy. Minted has so many cute cards that double as a birth announcement and holiday greeting.
minted baby announcement holiday greeting card
And lastly, if you can’t find that perfect photo, I can’t stop thinking about this adorable option. No photography required!


Which holiday greeting card is your favorite? I’ll be doing a reveal once mine arrives!


Shop the cards above here:
A few things to remember when ordering your holiday cards with Minted:

1) They have FREE Address Assistant (I know… this is HUUUUGE!)

2) The find it fast option is a super helpful tool to find the perfect holiday card design. Simply upload your photo, then watch as it appears in hundreds of different holiday card designs. This saves a lot of time on individually clicking through and uploading photos each time.3) You can also buy holiday cards now and personalize them later if  you want to take advantage of a promotional offer “now” and come back to finish personalizing with photos, text, or addresses “later”, even after the promotion has expired.


Minted has also been so kind to give THREE readers $100 to use towards holiday cards. Entering is super easy – just click HERE and enter your name and email so they can contact you if you win!

Minted also has great art/photo prints and gifts. Here are my favorites so far this year:

Family photos taken by the very talented Alison Cornell

Thank you to Minted for sponsoring this post. All opinions about their products are my own. And to my readers, thank you for supporting the companies that believe in this blog.

  • Jessie R
    November 14, 2016 at 10:16 pm

    How awesome, I am loving all their holiday cards!!! Thanks!

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