Favorite Natural Beauty Products

December 2, 2016

Many of you know that I am the second oldest of five girls. I always joke that my youngest sister, Rachel (still in her 20s…) and I look like we are the same age. The truth is, I am 9 years older and the second truth is that I look AT LEAST nine years older (I blame it on the kids and the fact that tanning was “in” when I was in college). Luckily for her, she missed that boat (or should I say, “bed”) and is also a little bit “crunchy” in the sense that she once worked on a farm, she does a LOT of yoga, and lives by the au naturale you-are-what-you-eat mantra. Oh, and whenever she is in doubt, she stands on her head. No really. Apparently its good for you. Clearly she is onto something….

natural beauty products

Today Rachel is sharing some of her favorite natural beauty products that are the perfect gift for hard-to-shop for people. Hint: I will take alllll of them (especially no. 8)

natural beauty products

  1. Charcoal Cleanser – detoxifying for the skin
  2. Glow from Beauty Chef great skin starts from the INSIDE
  3. Tocos promotes healthier skin and detoxifies the body. Read more benefits here (including how to turn your morning coffee into a vanilla latte)
  4. Eye Color Radiant – hydrating and antioxidant rich eye stick (*with shimmer*)
  5. Palo Santo – This may be a little “out there”, but it smells good and is thought to re-energize the space around you
  6. Maca Powder – Energy Source, great for tension, stress, energy (and libido!)
  7. Moringa – A “miracle leaf” to support healthy weight balance. This was listed as an upcoming food trend on WSJ.
  8. Collagen Inner Beauty Boost – A naturally  plumped complexion from within. (I think I need this in IV form!)

*and a bonus that I am now hooked on as well: Rose Hip Oil – Good for anti-aging, acne, scars – read about more benefits here.

 Have you guys tried any of these? What are you favorite beauty go-tos? Who else likes standing on their head?

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