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December 17, 2016

Everyone has that person in their life that is always in-the-know of all of the latest and greatest gadgets and technology. I am not one of them, but my uncle? My uncle is on top of his tech game. Over the past few months he has been sending me some of his favorite tech toys – things that make his life a little bit easier and a little bit neater (like in the-less-wire-we-see-the-better kind of sense). I threw in a few of my own ideas so if it’s a novelty item (um, hello karaoke microphone that plugs into your phone) you can assume that was all me. These would make great gifts for any hard to shop for person on your list! Image is clickable.

Cable Drops // Keeps wires in place in the prettiest way possible (also comes in black/white)

Amazon Fire // Alexa voice remote (this is sort of amazing when you can’t get Peppa Pig on for your kids fast enough). Say it. Play it. The end.

Nest Thermometer // Because a smart home is a happy home. This will save you money in the long run – oh, and it works with Amazon Alexa (also on this list).

Vintage Speaker // The perfect blend of old and new. Bluetooth enabled, but looks seriously awesome.

Headphone Ear Muffs // For your special someone with a cold commute. These are by Ugg. So there’s that.

Smart Doorbell // This works with your smart phone – you can talk to people at your door through your phone, or leave a personalized message i.e. “I am changing a diaper so please hang tight”. PLUS, it has a camera, night vision and motion detection…. and a lot of other cool stuff.

Karaoke Mic // This was just too cool not to include.

BlockHead Charger // Swap out your old apple bit so your charger can lay flush against the wall. Perfect for behind a dresser or sofa.

Alarm Clock with Projector // I feel like my early bird on-time loving kid would love this (is that a first-born thing?) My parents have this too and love it.

WEMO Outlet // This is the coolest! You can turn off any electronics remotely. Did you forget to turn off your hair iron? Do you want your kids to stop watching tv. Works with the Nest and Alexa as well!

Amazon Echo // It’s like Siri without any buttons. Tell her to play music, set appointments, turn on/off other smart appliances. So futuristic. So awesome.

iRobot // Either get a dog to eat all of your kids’ crumbs, or this.

Projector // This is the ultimate. Turn any plain wall into a movie screen. We have something similar and it is so much fun – especially for my sports/movie loving kids (and husband). We even bring ours outside, light the fire pit, bring out big blankets, snacks… it’s the new Friday night!

  • Eric Blank
    December 20, 2016 at 12:05 pm

    Great list! I like the Nest, too. It’s great that it works with Alexa. Is it your favorite pick for smart home thermostat?

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