The Sunday Brief

January 8, 2017

Now Buzzzzzzing // My mother in law gave us a jar of Manuka Honey last week and my whole fam (minus the baby) has been taking a daily teaspoonful. Ok some science-y speak: Manuka honey is honey that is harvested from bees who have specifically visited the manuka plant and has a medicinal quality depending on the score which is measured by the K-factor. It remedies allergies, sore throats, burns, gastro issues, and improves immunity and sleep to name a few. Grab a jar with a K-factor above 10. Read more about the benefits here! Gwyneth Paltrow is a fan. Are you surprised? This is the exact jar I have (can also buy at Whole Foods – Southern readers, Publix sells it for $10 less!)

Well-Worn or Weird // Is it just my experience or do all granddads all have trouble understanding ripped jeans and the fact that you actually bought them that way? They would definitely throw their hands up at this one. Why? Why do I actually want this? Someone talk me out of this. Someone send their grandfather to talk to me.

Spring is in the Air // Okay not really. But the stores are getting ready for warmer weather and clearing out with big sales. Threads on Main (the cutest boutique in Manayunk) is offering 40% off all full priced apparel in stores and online. Anyone in the market for new jeans?  This is amazing for a winter wedding. And how cute would this look under a little jacket?

DC Peeps!! // DC readers listen up! Concihairge (the traveling hair salon that I am obsessed with) actually started in Arlington/Alexandria area. If you live in Northern VA check them out on Facebook and Instagram – tell them I sent you!

Pee-yewYUM // I’m always on the hunt for natural deodorants (especially when nursing/pregnant). This one is my current favorite. They sell a few fun scents, but I’ve been wearing the Rose + Vanilla. Not sure if this falls in the “natural” category, but I keep hearing about how people are obsessed with this deodorant. Pricey, yes. But those reviews are making me sort of want to try it. Male runners use it? Whaaa? Any one have any input?

Popularity Contest // Most popular item in the shop this week? These babies by a long shot!

Sniffle Situation // My kids keep passing the same cold back and forth. It is making for a long winter. I’ve resorted to the oils and have been diffusing them like mad. Anyone have any recc’s for cough/cold symptoms? I’ve been diffusing On Guard and Breathe…And speaking of colds. The man cold, anyone? The struggle is real. (<– funny read)

Weekend Sales // Anthro tag sale is going strong (extra 40% off sale) . This might be the perfect winter ‘I-actually-have-plans-tonight’ top. Cozy up in this (have it/love it). And, um, too early to start thinking about Valentines Day outfits?

ICYMI (<—I literally just figured out what that meant!) // Abby showed us how to rock the bump in a dress this winter, and I shared some style/beauty resolutions PLUS the best of what I bought in 2016. Stay tuned for some athletic inspired posts next week and my go-to weeknight recipe.

In other news // I am going on a little warmer weather getaway later this week! First girls trip sans kids (and husbands) since… well since I had kids. Naturally I am freaking out. Please send all of your calming advice.  I’ll be fine once I get there….. right? Right? Off to make a million lists for my husband that he will probably never read and I am determined to train Alexa to say things like “Hello. It’s 12:30pm. Did you feed the baby yet?” Does anyone know if she is capable of this?

Ok clearly, I have a a busy day ahead of me. I did, however, find the perfect vacation dress. Packable, cute, versatile. So there’s that.

Enjoy your Sunday!



P.S. Starting to fill spots for the a new Reader Style Series. Who wants in?! Email me at [email protected]

  • Michele
    January 8, 2017 at 9:00 am

    Hey there, check out Native deodorant. My family uses it – all natural, works well and affordable. 🙂

  • Amy
    January 8, 2017 at 9:52 am

    I did my girls trip last month. My husband did not read my to do list. But my kids were all alive when I got back! Have fun.

  • Sophie
    January 8, 2017 at 11:18 am

    Where do you buy your essential oils? Have sick kiddos so going to try that out

    • Lindsey
      January 8, 2017 at 11:37 am

      Hi Sophie! I use doterra oils… they are great! I think u can just buy from their site

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