The Sunday Brief

January 15, 2017

This week special edition Sunday Brief, courtesy of Abby, is all things mom-to-be related. Third-five weeks and counting….

Breast or Bottle // Ultimately the decision is up to the mother, but these two podcasts (here and here) provide the science behind breastmilk and formula. Oh, and it’s also entertaining to hear two guys attempt to talk about how feeding babies works.

The Pressure of a Name // (name that movie) Check out the top baby names of 2016!

Oh, Nate // Nate Berkus launched a baby line at target and this stripe blanket is perfect for a preppy themed nursery.

Black Out // Whoever said orange was the new pink was seriously deranged. (name that movie too!) White onesies are cute, easy to clean, but these black onesies are not only gender neutral, but will match my every day outfits.

Glam Bump // What to wear to a winter wedding? 8 months pregnant? This or maybe this? OR even this (not maternity and on super sale)!

Pinterest got you down? // It has become a rabbit hole for me with ideas for the nursery decor. Want to cringe even more? Check out these GORGEOUS nurseries.

Mani-CURE //  These polishes from RMS Beauty are pregnancy safe.

But First… Comfort // Okay. Okay! And cuteness. I have a feeling mom life will have a lot of these in my future (the 40% off helps). And if my husband wanted to get my a push present, I wouldn’t mind snuggling up in this. And, um, post baby date night? This is the perfect dress for layering! Threads on Main winter sale is wrapping up (Lindsey told me she scored this – perfect for layering!)

Ok so who has advice for me? Or favorite homestretch maternity jeans? Or a sleeping position that actually works?

Happy Sunday!



  • Stacey
    January 15, 2017 at 9:42 am

    Congrats to you mama! My advice is to trust your instincts. People are going to be free flowing with thoughts on how you should raise your baby, but just listen to your own inner mom voice, and you’ll do great! Oh, and the first three months are hard. Really, really hard, but it will get easier and you will get a rhythm going. Ooh, two more things! 1) Try to find a way to get a four hour sleep stretch at least a few days a week (it does wonders to recharge your batteries). 2) Take a mom break at least once a week. Get out for a couple of hours by yourself and just enjoy doing something without your baby. It can be hard to adjust going from you as a solitary person, to you as a mom who is depended on 24/7 by another little human. 🙂

  • Kassi Chapman
    January 15, 2017 at 9:06 pm

    Love this post! For the maternity dress – love the dark blue one for a winter wedding. You could also add some yellow/gold accessories. Sweatpants are my jam when I need to do laundry or it’s impossible to leave the house – like during an ice storm or let’s be honest if it’s just cold out. Haha! I’m starting to love gold nurseries for girls and gray ones for boys. I love the neutral but not the blah, ya know? Also I love Olivia and Emma for girl names and Oliver and Aiden for boy names. My husband, well, not so much. Haha! What are some of your favorite baby names?

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